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Hi. I am an 8th grader at Morehead Middle School in El Paso, Texas.  I am doing a research project on the Gold Rush.  I hope you can help me.
1. Did the gold rush affect anything other than California's   boundaries?
2. How did the Gold Rush affect economy?
3. How is the gold rush a turning point in history?
4. Who are people affected today by the gold rush.

Hope to hear back from you.

Hi Adin, I hope this helps you out:

1) Directly, the gold rush just affected California. Indirectly, because people flocked to California, it affected other states because they dealt with population fluctuations.

2)The negative affect the gold rush had on the economy was that the people that moved out west quit all of their jobs in the east. Positively, a lot of supplies were sold (mining pans, shovels, etc.) and the gold, obviously, was a huge affect.

3) A few different things:

-During the Gold Rush, gold was being mined faster than ever before.
-A lot of people moved to California, which made it so the West was more settled than before. This was important, because a lot of things wouldn't have happened if people hadn't moved out there.

4) Everyone! We all are affected, because since many people moved out west, new companies were founded, inventions were created, etc., and this affects us today.

I hope that helps!

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