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If you were going into hiding for The Holocaust, what problems would you face???

Hi Makayla,

The Holocaust, as a reference to the Nazi slaughter of Jews and certain other classes of people before and during WWII, went on for a great many years.  It was virtually impossible for people to hide successfully for that period of time.

First, it would be very difficult for anyone to help you.  Helping someone could result in the helper also being shipped off to a Concentration Camp.  Many people did not want to take that risk.  Second, there was the question of food.  In most part Nazi occupied territory, food was only available via a ration card.  If you were in hiding, you probably did not have a ration card.  So even if you had plenty of money, you could not necessarily get the food you needed to survive.  Third was the problem of where to live.  A hidden location could eventually be discovered by a Nazi or some informer.  All buildings were subject to random searches, possibly with dogs who could sniff out people.  Fourth you had the problem of maintaining your sanity.  Sitting quietly in a small hidden room for years without much of anything to do could easily drive you crazy.  Add to that the constant fear of being caught and killed and you have a rather difficult situation, even if all of your physical needs are met.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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