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1) What did the Old Deluder Satan Act act state and why was it composed?


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  The Law of 1647, also known as the Old Deluder Satan Act, was born out of parental negligence. It was at this point in our nation's educational history that formal schooling as we know it became more desirable.

  The Law of 1647 required that towns of fifty families hire a schoolmaster who would teach children to read and write. Towns of a hundred families must have a grammar schoolmaster who could prepare children to attend Harvard College.

  Education became more of a social responsibility as teachers were formally hired for the sole purpose of teaching the nation's young people. Perhaps even more surprising in the light of previous practice is that they were paid to do so, either by the government or individual parents and guardians. School was becoming more of a priority. Another institution that made its appearance on the educational stage was something called a "Dame" school. These schools were set up in the homes (most often the kitchens) of women in the community who had both the time and inclination to teach students in a tutoring capacity and in exchange for their services the women received some meager allowance. Also on the education scene were traveling schoolmasters who made their way to various towns for the purpose of teaching the children so as to contribute to the dream of social harmony via religion and literacy.

  We see that it was during this period in Massachusetts that religious concerns (e.g., learning to read in order to read the Bible) laid the groundwork for modern education. Although it was a response to an ecclesiastical quest in the new world, it was adequately catalyzed and necessity eventually turned itself into education being conceptually pursued in and of itself in America. The early immigrants were paving the way toward a better educational system, one brick at a time.

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