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1.How were Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement related?
I know that Rosa Parks started a bus boycott
2. How did Rosa Parks affect modern society?
I know she won many humanity awards
3.In your opinion what was Rosa Parks' main achievement?
I need an expert's opinion
4. What was the main effect of the Bus Protest on the white society?
I know that before that time the whites were used to be treated like royalty
5. How was Rosa Park's Bus Protest a turning point in history?
I know her movement helped African-Americans have more rights

1. Rosa Parks was involved in the Civil Rights fight for most of her life.  She married a NAACP activist in the 1930's and was Secretary of the Montgomery Chapter of the NAACP before the bus boycott began.  When Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man, that became the incident for local blacks to begin the bus boycott.  In later years she worked as a staff member for Con. John Conyers.

2. Parks has long held a symbolic position as the public face of discrimination against southern Blacks.  She received many awards and was a part of ending segregation in the south.

3. Clearly Parks is best known for her refusal to give up her seat, thus starting the bus boycott, and for her perseverance in serving as a leader during the boycott.  Her efforts contributed to the end of segregation, although there were certainly many other people and events that contributed to the progress as well.

4. The Bus Boycott helped convince many whites that blacks would no longer accept the unjust discriminatory treatment by whites.  I would not say that whites were treated like royalty.  There were many poor white who lived quite miserable and pathetic lives during the period of segregation.  But there was a generally held racist view among many whites that they were inherently superior to blacks and that it was part of the natural order for whites to be given preferential treatment to blacks.  The boycott was part of a decades long movement to put an end to that thinking.

5. The Bus Boycott also helped launch the civil rights career of Martin Luther King, Jr.  It launched a successful protest movement that helped bring about new way of thinking in race relations.  This movement helped propel a number of important Supreme Court Opinions protecting the rights of racial minorities.  It also contributed to the Civil Rights act of 1964 and Voting Rights act of 1965, as well other other laws that guaranteed equal rights for members of all races.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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