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1.       Describe many of the economic and industrial changes in the U.S. from 1815-1860. What inventions contributed to the communications and transportation revolutions?

2.       What did New England produce an overabundance of industrial and literary talent? Indentify some of the core differences between New England and Southern Culture.

3.       Explain the core differences between the Democrat and Whig parties. What were their main ideas and platforms?

4.        What was controversial about the 1824 Adams-Jackson election? Explain some of the main events or themes of Jackson’s administration.

5.       Describe the underlying principles and philosophy behind the Romantic Movement.

These questions are a joke....right?  They BETTER be a joke.  If you think I am going to research and write YOUR AP History homework for you then you clearly need to be in a regular American History class because you are most assuredly NOT AP History material.

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Any area of American History, EXCEPT military history or economic history, these are not strong points of mine. Areas of particular expertise include the assassination of John F. Kennedy, 19th century women's history, 1950s-1960s popular culture, 1920s, Colonial America, Jacksonian Era, migration west, immigration, ethnic history, presidential decisions, treaties, tariffs, causes and results of wars, and entertainment history since World War II (television, movies, and music.)


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