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Where were the casualties of the first battle of Bull Run buried, My great great grandfather was killed July 21, 1861. His name was Thomas Jefferson Kirk from Ga.


  The 'easy' answer is, all over the place.  Confederates were, many times, buried on the field, since they held it, and then recovered by their relatives at a later time.   

  Many factors will play into this though.   The first thing I'd suggest you do is find your ancestors service records, which are an easy couple clicks away most of the time through ancestry.com or another service.   If you don't want to pay for the subscription, there are people out there (including myself) who will do it for a fee.   His service record (CS one's are spotty but because he's an early war enlistee his will probably be pretty complete) will give details of when he enlisted, his unit, etc.   Sometimes it will contain details of hospitals and where he died.  (You can get his service records, at least partial ones of his unit, through the National Park service Soldiers and sailors civil war search site, but chances are this will NOT give you a burial place).  That service is free.

Those are the places I'd check first.  From there, though, you could check National cemetarys, and local burial sites 'back home' where ever that might be.   

 Should be a fun and educational search, good luck!  

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