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I am involved in a rather intensive research project known as History Day, it is a competitive research paper competition and I am entering the Regional level in March. To prepare, I am doing many revisions to my original paper( I had to turn one into school, I'm a tenth grader). Would it be possible to conduct a interview with you concerning my topic of the Oregon Trail and it's impact on transportation. I would hugely appreciated your time and expertise as finding interviews with registered historians at museums has proved impossible. I wish to get certain questions answered so I may have focused quotations and information with a variety of sources.

If you would be willing to help please post a response with a manner in which to contact you or if I should conduct my interview through questions on this site. I am flexible!

Thank you so much for lending your knowledge~!

As a note, this is not a student hoping for you to answer my homework for me, this is a researcher hoping to find insight with a person I know has a large knowledge base than I can obtain to write this paper. Thank you.


First of all, I'd like to know your name. Second, I hope you are aware this is not my main area of expertise (I'm a Civil War and Reconstruction guy), although I'm knowledgeable about the westward movement of the 19th century in a general way. If you think this would still be of use, OK.

I would prefer to handle this via email. tom.schott@gmail.com

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