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Why couldn't the United States resolve their political disputes with compromises by 1860?


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  The Compromise of 1850 was a set of bills passed in Congress which tried to settle the issue of slavery, which was about to split the nation.

The legislation was highly controversial and it was only passed after a long series of battles on Capitol Hill. It was destined to be unpopular, as just about every part of the nation found something to dislike about its provisions.

Yet the Compromise of 1850 served its purpose. For a time it kept the Union from splitting, and it essentially delayed the outbreak of the Civil War for a decade.

The Mexican War Led to the Compromise of 1850:

As the Mexican War ended in 1848, vast stretches of land acquired from Mexico were going to be added to the United States as new territories or states. Once again, the issue of slavery came to the forefront of American political life. Would new states and territories be free states or slave states?

President Zachary Taylor wanted California admitted as a free state, and wanted New Mexico and Utah admitted as territories which excluded slavery under their territorial constitutions.

Politicians from the South objected, claiming that admitting California would upset the balance between slave and free states and would split the Union.

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