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Describe Industialization's economic impact on the United states

A Stranger In Paradise,
A Stranger In Paradise  

   The industrial development of a country is a part of the total development program undertaken. The process of economic development brings many changes in the economy. The industrial development affects the traditional sectors and economic life of the peoples improves. The industrial units need workers to produce goods employed in the industrial units. Educated young men get jobs in the various departments.

   The incomes of the people increases and enjoys better life. A large variety of goods is produced within the country. These goods are available to the people at reasonable prices. As the income increases, there is more demand for industrial products. The market extends to distant regions.

   The economy of the country becomes more stable, as there is no reliance on the agriculture sector. The foreign exchange earning increase with the export of manufactured goods. Foreign exchange is used to repay debts or to finance the projects of the country. The revenue of the government increases as the industrial pay taxes to the state. Highly qualified employees pay income tax and worker's direction taxes to the government. The industrial units produce arms, ammunition wireless and many sophisticated weapons for the defense of the country. Reliance on imported weapons is not desirable as the policy of the exporter country may change any time.

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