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This question is for my research project. I couldn't find any early influences on Abraham Lincoln. So can you help me? I believe you have the right answer. the question is: what are Abraham's early influences? and one of my own question was who influenced him. I don't necessarily understand that. Thank you very much!


Abraham Lincoln's early influences were probably the people that lived nearby as he was growing up.  They were mostly settlers who lived by farming and hunting, which was hard work and did not allow for extra things.  Lincoln did not enjoy farming, hunting, or other types of physical work growing up, so he dreamed of jobs he could do when he grew up that were different.  

He loved the water and he thought he might become a boat captain; while working on a boat as a young man, he met a man who hired him to run a store.  Running a store, he met people who encouraged him to run for the state legislature.  In the legislature, he met lawyers and thought that he might become a lawyer.

Good luck on your research project.

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