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Hi! I have a research paper I'm currently working on which is about Thomas Jefferson. The topic is to write about the role this person played in American history. I already know much about him doing the Louisana Purchase and Declaration of Independence. Do you know any other significant accomplishments Jefferson did that I could research about? thanks

Jefferson's accomplishments include:

1.  Wrote the Virginia Bill of Rights
2.  Founded the University of Virginia
3.  Wrote the Declaration of Independence
4.  Was American ambassador to France
5.  Commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory
6.  Founded the Republican Party (later to become the Democratic Party of today#
7.  Served two terms ad President of the United States
8.  Signed the Embargo Act of 1807
9.  Designed his Virginia home of Monticello #on the back of the nickel#
10.  Invented the dumbwaiter
11.  Experimented with cross pollinating plants
12.  Was an experienced wine maker
13.  Was in the process of re-writing the Bible #and removing all miracles from the text)

Hope these help you...good luck.

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