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What were the reasons which led both the Wold Wars viz World War 1 and World War 2 ?.

Can you attribute the reasons / causes for the World Wars as Hatred, Jealousy, Power, Greed ?

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The immediate spark that started WWI was the assassination of the Arch Duke Ferdinand by Serbian radicals.  Many mutual defense treaties compelled nearly all the countries of Europe to join the War on one side or another.  But the real reason the countries eagerly joined the war was jockeying for power.  

It had been several generations since Europe saw a major war.  Europe had only recently unified into a single nation state.  It was eager to become a colonial power as its neighbors England and France had done so successfully.  But to obtain such colonies, it would have have to defeat the others in war.  WWI was seen as the path to doing that.  

Similarly, France and England were somewhat eager to squash Germany's dreams of a colonial empire.  They had dealt with German navies steaming around the world causing trouble for several decades.  A war to crush German militarism would help make their colonies safer.

Neither side anticipated how long and bloody the war would be.  But once it started, it had to be fought to the end.

When Germany surrendered, the allies took deeply punitive actions against Germany.  Germany was forced to surrender land, pay reparations and other measures.  As a result, the German economy suffered.  Year of economic suffering led to the rise of radical groups such as the Nazis and Communists.  The Nazis believed Germany should have won WWI and only lost because certain political and business leaders force the country to surrender.  They vowed to start a new war with the will to fight to the end.  This led to German aggression in taking much of central Europe to take the resources needed to build up its economy, resulting in WWII.

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