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1. Has this document increased or decreased in popularity over time?

2. What groups or individuals did the subject affect at that time?

3. Identify the way the Declaration of Independence is set up. (Like if they're into sections, where each section has a meaning.)

Hopefully I made the questions more to your understanding.

At the time the document was written, it was highly controversial.  Even most people living in America probably did not agree with it.  Many opposing British policies still hoped things could be resolved without breaking all political ties with Britain.  But by a generation after the Revolution, the Declaration was very highly regarded.  By the late 19th century, the document was highly regarded worldwide as an idealized argument for democracy and against tyranny.  Ironically, the US government actually refused to distribute copies in some countries because the US supported the dictators running those countries and did not want to encourage revolution.  Today, many people give it near religious significance and consider it a cornerstone of US law (even though it has no actual legal significance).

2.  I have to assume by "subject" you mean the document itself.  The Declaration was seen as a way of providing some moral encouragement to soldiers in the field.  It was also written in order to attract foreign countries such as France by painting the conflict as a war between different countries rather than an internal civil war.  

3.  The first part of the Declaration spells out the reasons for which people might overthrow a government.  The second part lists the specific reasons why the British government is subject to overthrow.  The third part concludes and asserts that the colonies are now independent States as a result of the harms done to them.

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