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1. Explain how carters election was partly a result of Watergate.
2. Explain how the problems between Kuwait and Iraq helped define America's new role in world affairs.

I just cant seem to find the answer in my text book, or i am not understanding it clearly


1. Watergate created a massive distrust of Republicans, making it much easier for a Democrat to win in 1975.  President Ford's pardon of Nixon tarred him with part of the Watergate scandal, making many not want to vote for him.  Further, Carter had an image of being a Washington outsider.  Many thought that both parties in Washington were corrupt and out of touch in the wake of Watergate.  Carter's image as a leader who had not spent much time in Washington or working with Washington insiders also worked in his favor.

2. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, that was one of the first major international crises following the end of the Cold War.  Up until that time, most foreign policy matters were seen through the prism of US vs. USSR relations and the balance of power between the two sides.  With the USSR gone, it was unclear whether the US would begin to recede from the world stages, as it had done after WWI and as was its traditional isolationist position, or whether it would step up as a world leader and continue to involve itself in foreign disputes.  The US decision to force Iraq out of Kuwait using military force helped define its role as the world's policeman.  It also set up the US as a major target for Islamic extremists who objected to stepped up US involvement in the Middle East.

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