I need to identify people and events that happened to transformed the united states into a world power. i have to have many details. please help!

Hi Savannah,

This is a pretty broad topic on which entire books can be written.  Suffice it to say I can only give a brief outline here.

The US began to consider becoming an imperial power in the late 1800's, after it had successfully conquered much of the North American Continent.  The Spanish American war, strongly encouraged by men such as Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge, gave the US a significant number of overseas colonies.  It further increased its international role when it entered WWI, primarily pushed by leaders such as Woodrow Wilson.

Americans recoiled for a time after that and sought to pull back on the US international role.  But after US possessions were attacked at the beginning of WWII, the US strongly retooled its industrial power to become a major military power.  Franklin Roosevelt was a strong leader to make the US a world power.  Victory in WWII left the US standing as a major super power, where it has remained ever since.

- I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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