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Are there any books that you know of that take the point of view that John Wilkes Booth acted alone and was a loan assassin without accomplices.  The reason I asked is I've heard that historical accounts don't go in to anything about the conspiracy. In the book the Lincoln Conspiracy it states "that on April 14, 1865 President Lincoln was assassinated while attending Ford's Theater, historical accounts tell us that the murder was committed by a crazed actor named John W Booth and no one else". Are there any historians that take this view?

Hi, Doug,

I know of no such books because the Lincoln assassination conspiracy is well-documented, although you are right that Booth was the only one who attacked Lincoln, he had accomplices on his escape and there was an attempt on the life of Secretary of State Seward that same night by another pair of conspirators, and other parties to the plot were supposed to murder Vice President Andrew Johnson.

You can find a good account of the assassination plot in Wikipedia:

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