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1) Which is an example of a president's maintaing a consistent position before and after election to office?
A) Jefferson's defense of the constitutionality of the Louisiana Purchase
B) Cleveland's attempt to reductle the tariff
C) Polk's settlement of the Oregon question
D) Arthur's support of the Pendleton act
E) Franklin d Roosevelt's defense of an unbalanced budget

2) Which aspect of the Federal Reserve System caused some democrats to criticize president Wilson's establishment of the federal reserve system as a betrayal of the traditional monetary and banking principles of the Democratic Party?
A) creation of short term credit facilities
B) provision for elastic currency
C) creation of centralized bank owned by member banks
D) issuance of federal reserve notes without specie banking
E) provision for allowing state banks to join the federal reserve system

Thank you. I can't find the answers anywhere.

For question 1, I would probably go with B.  Jefferson definitely changes his position on the La purchase, Polk wanted to go to war with Britain over the Oregon border, then once elected negotiated away most of the disputed land.  Arthur generally opposed civil service reform, and although he was never ELECTED president, once he became president after the assassination of McKinley, he supported the Pendleton Act which was a strong civil service reform law.  Roosevelt was all over the place on the balanced budget issue at different times.  Cleveland pretty consistently supported reductions of tariffs.  He may have compromised on the exact terms, but was pretty consistent in his support for lower tariffs.

For question 2, I'm not entirely certain, but I would go with c.  The Federal reserves regional banks are technically owned by member banks which is something the Democrats have regularly distrusted.

I hope this helps!
- Mike

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