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Q1-Give two reasons why the English colonies grew more than the Spanish and French colonies

Q2-what was the Enlightenment, how did it affect the development of colonial Ameeica?

Q3-How were Europe, Africa and America linked together by commerce?

Q4-How did slavery affect Africa-politically, socially and economically?

Q5-Why was West Africa vulnerable to slavery?

Q1 - The British had a better Navy to protect merchant ships and trade routes.  Also, the British made more of an effort to populate the colonies with British families that could defend the colonies.

Q2 - The Enlightenment was a movement that promoted the sciences and learning rather than relying on faith or untested belief.  It promoted learning and human intellect to structure society.  It helped Europeans develop the technology to come to America.  The British colonies based their justifications of revolution on Enlightenment theories as well.

Q3 - Europe Africa and America saw a great deal of commerce in the 17th and 18th centuries (which is what era I assume we are discussing here).  A great deal of the trade involved slaves and immigrants.  Raw materials were often shipped from African and American Colonies to Europe.  European furnished manufactured goods to the colonies.

Q4 - Slavery became a major part of the African Economy.  Many tribes made a living catching and selling members of other tribes.  Europeans founded colonies in Africa which relied on slave labor and which earned money catching and selling slaves, primarily in the Americas.

Q5 - West Africa was convenient for shipping from Europe and the Americas.  Slaves were frequently taken from there because of European restrictions placed on enslaving Christians (Africa was primarily Muslim at the time).  In most of North America, Native American populations were not considered good for slaves because it was too easy for them to escape and blend into the rest of the population, and because they died easily because of susceptibility to disease.

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