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i need help understanding this:

how did the interaction between early human settlements and physical geography affect american cultures


That is a pretty broad question.  But basically, I think it is asking how those things affected early colonies in America.  For example, British colonies were generally far apart and seaparated by a lack of infrastructure.  There was no easy way for a coloniest in Virginia to travel to Pennsylvania or Massachusetts.  There were no roads.  The primary form of long distance travel was by sailing ship.  Since British law required that all such travel go through England, there were not ships that simply traveled between colonies.  If someone in Virginia wanted to go to another colony, it meant traveling to England and then back to America.

As such, this lack of interaction between colonies allowed them to develop in very different ways.  They developed different political, economic, and social structures.  Also, physical geography of colonies themselves contributed to different development.  Southern colonies were better suited to large commercial farming.  Northern Colonies were better suited to commercial fishing and industry.

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