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I'm leading a discussion on the world wide market and the Market Revolution and I would like your professional and personal opinion on a few things. How do you feel about living in a worldwide market today? Do you feel like the worldwide market has affected the cultures of various nations? In what ways for good and ill has the market affected cultures? I'm trying to prepare myself and better understand the responses I might expect. Thank you for your time!


I think I first need to try to define your question as I understand it.  There has, of course, always been a world wide market.  At times transport between markets has been easier and cheaper than others.  My assumption is that you are asking about my experience in world today where consumers have access to products and services worldwide and where trade is generally faster, cheaper, and easier than ever.

Generally, I think this is a good thing.  Increased access between producers and consumers means that the great competition provides greater choice and price competition than ever before.  This is great for consumers.  It is also great for producers who have better products and/or prices than their competition since it means that they have access to a much larger consumer base.  The losers, of course, are the middle men that are often cut out of international transaction to a far greater extent than in earlier times.  Also at a disadvantage are local producers who lack the efficiencies that keeps them at a disadvantage to their competitors.

In terms of impact on culture, it probably has resulted in less cultural diversity.  Some people may morn this as a loss.  However, bringing similarities to culture helps to bring people together as well, creating greater commonalities of interest world wide.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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