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How does the U.S. Constitution protect and embody the ideas stated in the Declaration of Independence? (I have to make this into an essay and my thesis statement has to clearly answeer this question)

Hi Destiny,

The Declaration basically said governments existed to protect the basic rights of the people.  It then went on to list numerous ways the King had infringed on those rights for the colonists, such as disbanding legislatures, failing to resolve disputes in independent judiciaries with juries, and searches of private property without probable cause or warrants.

So when the Constitution was created, many of these same ideals were in the minds of those drafting it.  The founders, therefore, made the Congress the most powerful branch of government.  It also made sure the judiciary would remain independent of the other branches.  When the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution a few years later, it strengthened some of these ideals by guaranteeing protections for people from searches without specific reasonable cause, protection of certain rights of the accused at trial - such as the right to a jury, a speedy trial, and other due process protections.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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