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Hello again.   Reading S. Ambrose re strategic bombing of German assets in WWII.  German AA was heavy and accurate.  My Q. is what happens w all that hot shrapnel that falls back down? Doesn't it fall on the gunners, and isn't it lethal??
 thank you.

Hi Glenn,

Yes, the shrapnel fired from anti-aircraft guns did fall back to earth and could be quite deadly.  It typically did not fall back on the gunners since they did not shoot straight into the air, and even if they did, the air currents would likely carry the shrapnel a little father from them.

During air raids, people were not supposed to be outside.  They were in air raid shelters, which protected them not only from some bomb blasts but also falling shrapnel.  There were, of course people who were killed by the shrapnel.  Many buildings were also damaged by this shrapnel.  

The calculation is simply that the damage from this shrapnel will be less than the damage from the enemy bombers.  So this was just something that had to be endured.

- Mike

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