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Compare European and Native American warfare.


I'm not sure exactly what period you are asking about.  Obviously, warfare has changed over the centuries in both Europe and American.  

Presuming that you are talking about the pre-Columbian or early period of exploration and colonization, there are some stark differences.  European advances in metallurgy meant that there was extensive use of iron weaponry: swords, shields pikes, etc.  Importation of gunpowder technology from east Asia led to the development of canon and smaller arms in the 1400's shortly before exploration and colonization of the Americas began.  Europeans also made use of horses and dogs in warfare.  Fortress and castle building (and the practice of besieging such fortifications was also a big part of European warfare.

Prior to European contact, native American warfare was largely more primitive.  Iron weaponry and armor were unknown.  Most weapons used were made of stone and wood.  They did not use animals such as horses.  South and central America saw some development of large defensible cities. but most of North America remained bereft of any major fortifications.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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