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What caused us and Soviet union to deteriorate from 1945 on?

The Soviet Union was not really deteriorating in 1945.  It had just won WWII and over the next few decades expanded its control and influence into Eastern Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa.  Deterioration really did not set in until the 1970's.

At that point, the Soviet economy began to show its inefficiencies.  Under Communism, there was far less correlation between how productive one was and how much one benefited personally from that productivity.  As a result, people were not productive and the economy dragged.  Much of Soviet control was based on its military power and its willingness to crush any resistance.  Once it became clear in the 1980's that the Soviet leadership would not crush resistance and that it's military had weakened, it was overthrown.

The US has not really deteriorated since 1945.  It's economy has only grown stronger and its military might has grown as well.  It is unchallenged in the world in terms of military might and has the wealthiest citizenry of any large nation.

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