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Hello Mr. Troy. I am doing a project on Nathan Hale and his impact on America today. It would be greatly appreciated if you could answer a few questions to get more facts behind my claims. I would like to thank any effort made to answer these questions.
"Why is Nathan Hale considered an American hero?"
"Do you believe he left a legacy behind? If so, why?"
"Can you think of any modern American hero to compare Nathan Hale to?"
"Why do you think his famous quote 'I regret that I have but one life to give for my country' still lives on?"

Hale is generally considered a hero because he bravely gave his life in the service of furthering his country without showing fear or regret for his sacrifice.

I don't think Hale left much of a legacy.  He was executed as a spy.  Of course, all nations have had spies before and since Hale.  Since he was one of the first American spies, he could be considered one of the fathers of the American espionage establishment.

There are many today who bravely risk their lives to help further the interests of the US.  For a list of some of our most recognized heros, you may find this list helpful:


Most nations honor those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of protecting the country in which they live.  The fact that by his quite, Hale showed that he had risked his life, failed, and still though his sacrifice was worth it is a highly esteemed quality by many.

- Mike

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