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michael following the september 11th attack on the twin towers how did it affect  a/ social structure  b/economical structure c/cultural structure and the political world   keeping social,economical,cultural and political world answers seperate and have them all conjoined in the final para ..michael this is for my curiosity  thanks  dillon

Socially, the 9/11 attacks have made Americans generally more focused on security.  More Americans tend to show hostility toward Arabs and Muslims.  For a time, the attacks created a renewed patriotism across social groups, but that dissipated withing a few years.

Economically, the US has invested trillions more dollars in foreign wars and increased security spending at home.  The security industry takes a much larger portion of the national economy.

Culturally, people generally seem to me much more intolerant of foreign influences.  Many foreign religions and cultures are seen as potential threats.  Security and defense have entered the culture in the form of many more TV shows and movies about national security and international terrorism.

Politically, the US has been much more focused on the middle east, especially active in putting down potential radical groups in the region.  It has stepped up its international footprint generally with increased involvement worldwide.

- Mike

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