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How was the US expansion justifiable in the 1800s give three reasons that are both justifiable and unjustifiable next question how was war treaties and settlement justifiable or unjustifiable in the US expansion

I suppose three reasons it was unjustifiable was that it took land away from native Americans who had the most just claim to the land, it resulted in war with this neighbor Mexico, and it eventually drew the US into additional wars as a world power.  One could also see it as justifiable because it provided land and opportunity for Americans as well as immigrants.  It prevented European powers from establishing more control over the Continent.  It also allowed the US to develop into a superpower that has been a force for democracy and freedom.

The US went to war with the Native Americans, Mexico, Spain, and Great Britain all over acquiring land in the 1800s.  For the most part, those wars resulted in treaties where the US acquired more territory and allows additional settlement of Americans.  Again, whether these are justified or unjustified depends on one's perspective for the reasons I outlined in my first answer above.  Some people think war is never justified, others only for defensive reasons.  Others may see an offensive war as justified to protect national interests and meet expanding needs.  

At the time, advocates believed that failure to expand would result in hostile populations on the US border which would inevitably result in war anyway.  They believed that if the US did not expand, other countries, particularly Spain, France, Britain, and Russia would move to carve up North America and create potential enemies that the US would have to deal with later.  Since the US at the time had the power and drive to take the land, it felt justified in doing so.

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