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how justifiable was the u.s expansion in the 1800's

Well, I suppose that is an opinion on which people might disagree.

There are many who felt US expansion was unjustified.  The US essentially remained at war with the Native American population over land.  Millions of natives were killed or driven off their land into areas where they could barely survive.  The US also took land from Mexico through war and intimidation.  There was no good historic claim to this land.  The US simply had the power and used it to enrich itself and its people.

There are also those who feel it was justified.  The US was a growing country, making room for immigrants from all over the world.  With its more modern methods of farming and trade, the US could make much more efficient use of the land to support many more people than the native tribes could.  If the US did not claim the land, other countries would.  France, Spain, England, and Russia had all made claims on parts of western North America at various times.  If a hostile country had been established in those areas with the support of a major power, it could have led to long and bloody wars with the US.  Instead, the US made a place where families could get land and start farms, grow and prosper in a way that was virtually impossible in most parts of the world.  

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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