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I have an extremely rare collection of 4 sequential monthly periodicals from 1898 that were published by the famous Horatio Alger and General Butler, whom both served in the Civil war. These are practically extinct at this point, and to my knowledge, I have the only ones left. These include pieces of art from private collections from the time period, and stories and tales from soldiers involved in battles beginning with the civil war and up to the year 1898. I have 4 volumes. These are incredible pieces of documentation that I would love to get into the hands of someone who will be able to display them properly. I have enjoyed these immensely and my children and I have learned of battles and details that we wouldn't have otherwise. I can't find any of these online, other than mine, and I can't find any information regarding the publication period.  I know how influencial both men were in the future of the US Armed Forces. which I learned by researching these periodicals, but I was wondering if you know anything about these or know of someone who would.  I have recently fallen into the addiction of historical US Militaria and such.  I just like to know everything I can about everything.  Knowledge is power as they say.

Hi Stacy,

Any original publication by Horatio Alger is probably rather valuable, and a relatively unknown publication would probably be worth a premium over other works.  So you might want to be careful how you handle these items.

I find the date 1898 rather odd though.  Gen. Benjamin Butler died in 1893, and Alger suffered a nervous breakdown in 1898 and didn't work much more until his death in 1899.  I don't think either man could be publishing anything in 1898.  Perhaps these periodicals contain articles that the two men had written earlier in life.

The works do sound quite interesting.  You might consider having them scanned and made available online for people who want to see them.  You might also consider donating them to a museum or historical society if you are so inclined.

- Mike

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