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First, thank you again for your time.  My editor came across two points for me to check on, or verify:

Thanks for sending the bibliography.  I like this article.

As I was reading about the Alamo, I came across two interesting points:  
1.  King county was named in William's honor.  

2.  William traded places at the Alamo with his father and told him to go back home.

Would you be able to look into these claims?  If they are correct, would you add one or two more sentences?


Yes, King County was named for William King when it was divided from Bexar County in 1876.

William did not trade places with his father at the Alamo.  He did so before they left.  The Gonzalez militia was forming up in Gonzalez to travel to the Alamo.  William's father, John King, was a member of the militia and expected to travel with the others to the Alamo.  Instead, William convinced his father to remain at home with the family while he traveled to the Alamo in his place with the rest of the militia.

- Mike  

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