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QUESTION: Why did some Founding Fathers think that the Constitution might endanger freedom?
What is the response of those who favored the Constitution how did they think it would protect freedom or improve on the Articles of Confederation?

ANSWER: These are great questions.  Unfortunately, the answer is very long.  These are the questions the authors of The Federalist Papers answered.  Usually I can find one or two of the Papers to answer questions on the website.  These questions, however, really require reading all the Papers.  I'm sorry that I can't give you a concise answer.  My translations of the Papers are easier to read than the originals.  You might take a look at them.  The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two is even available as a Kindle book.

Mary E Webster

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QUESTION: Thank you, I bought your kindle version. What articles would you suggest taking a greater look at. I understand a lot about the subject but sometimes have difficulty with just finding a straight answer. I understand the issues between the Federalists and Anti and the want for a strong government and if we had a weak it could paralyze our country with political issues but I dont see how that relates to our freedom.

I hope you can take some time and enjoy reading the Papers.  Paper #1 starts right out by assuming that critics would say that the new Constitution would rob people of their freedoms.  The word "freedom", however, is rarely used in the Papers.  Instead they talk about "liberty."

The Federalist Papers explain that the Constitution creates an "energetic" federal government.  It is the extra "energy" that the opponents of the Constitution thought would rob them of liberty.  In the index, you will see all the references under "opponents."

Papers 21 and 22 specifically talk about the problems with the Articles of Confederation.  By reading them, you will get a better idea of how federal authority over states and citizens was changed by the Constitution.


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Federalist papers. What the Founding Fathers would have to say about current political issues based on the Federalist Papers, written to defend and promote ratification of our Constitution. Spent 4 years studying The Federalist Papers and re-writing them into easier-to-read English. My new edition was published in Spring, 1999: The Federalist Papers: In Modern Language/Indexed for Today`s Political Issues Other than the Federalist Papers, my knowledge of history is very limited.

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