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I have been stuck on these questions for the last two weeks! Please help me !

Which 19th century US president spoke four languages  (beside english)?

Which President 's wife never went into the kitchen of The White House? ( I have driven myself crazy trying to find an answer for this )

Which two presidents took two stride every second when out walking?

Which president sang hymned with a few friends after dinner?

Which president felt comfortable in clothes too big for him?

Which president became supervisor of road after leaving office?

Which president 's wife let visitors touch the white house furniture?

Which president hummed or sang a tune while walking?

Which president always looked at the comic first when reading the newspaper?

Which two presidents sat in the Gallry of the House of Common in England to listen to debates in 1855?

Name the president who was so bored while posing for a portrait that the painter was appalled by the look on his face?

which president was rushed to the hospital after he ate bad seafood and died afterward?

This 20th century president never owned a house?

which two future presidents announced their electoral college victory as president of senate?

These two president would not allow hail to the cheif be played in their presence?

I assume this is a joke.  It BETTER be a joke, because no expert is going to sit down and research all of these questions that ANY eighth grade students could discover on their own on the Interet.  I do not intend to do your homework for you.  Good luck in your research.

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