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why did ukraine sign a treaty to abolish all nuclear arms in order that they were assured no attacked by russia,what was that all about? ....it took communism to take over russia and at that point ukraine fought for their independance,my question to you is couldn't they not fight for their independance much earlier?

last question why was ukraine traditionally a part of russia? why was it under the power of poland romanian empire?

The nuclear weapons in Ukraine at the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union did not belong to the Ukrainian State.  If Ukraine had attempted to keep them, they might have triggered a war.  Also, the Western powers, especially the US, were eager to prevent nuclear weapons from being disbursed among many different governments.  They offered economic incentives to encourage them not to try to keep the weapons.  

Ukraine has long struggled for independence without success.  Between 1917 and 1921 there was a major struggle, which ultimately failed and forced Ukraine to join the Soviet Union.  In part because of this, Joseph Stalin instituted programs that resulted in the starvation and death of millions of Russians.  He also moved millions of Russians into the Ukraine in order to solidify control of the region.

There were constant struggles before this as well.  But Ukraine was surrounded by militarily powerful neighbors who were able to prevent independence by force.  Ukraine could not stand along against its neighbors.  The best it could do was try to get the least objectionable neighbor to take control to prevent worse options.

At different times, different powers were militarily dominant in central Europe.  Russia, Poland, Austria, all had the militarly power to control the Ukraine at various times.  The Ukraine was not militarily powerful enough to become independent.  Quite frankly, it could not be independent today if Russia wanted to retake it and western countries were willing to allow that to happen.

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