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hello sir and finally what made the soviet union crumble in 1991? and is america still taking oil from iraq ? how much money is being made and is tony blair still in the picture in terms of collecting his share of the pie? please answer ...dillon

The Soviet Union had always been held together by the military might of the Communist leadership. The threat of military action and punishment was held over the head of anyone who dared to challenge the Central committee.  

Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the 1980's promising to do things differently, no to use military power to force compliance.  At first many suspected that this was simply PR and that there would still be a military crackdown if anyone dared revolt.  But over the course of several years, Soviet controlled Eastern European countries broke away from the Soviet Bloc without retribution.  

Next, several opponents of Communist party rule were elected to various Soviet States, most notably Boris Yeltsin became President of Russia.  His decision to oppose the control of the central committee and Gorbachev's decision not to oppose it (or inability to get the Soviet Army to back his authority - depending on who you believe) resulted in the 1991 collapse.

The US never really imported much of any oil from Iraq.  Most Iraqi Oil had gone to Europe, Africa and Asia.  But the US did hope to have US companies control and profit from the Iraqi oil drilling and export industry.  Exxon and BP (which is largely US owned) took control of the Rumaila oil fields, but have since large turned over control to Chinese company Petro China.  A large auction of oil contracts in Iraq essentially shut out use companies, with Chinese, Russian and Dutch (Shell) taking the bulk of the contracts.

Reports indicate that Tony Blair is still making millions in consulting fees from mid-east governments through his work for JP Morgan and his own company Tony Blair Associates.  He still holds a position as a Peace Envoy, but largely sells his consulting services, along with his insider power and influence to major players in the mid-east.

- Mike  

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