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roman leader julius caesar? was he a good man or a bad one? in what way did he transform the world that has benefited the world that is to day in the present? what were his policies that were more agrreable from the policies that were not? thanks   val


I wouldn't really consider this a US History question, but I'm happy to give my opinion.  Caesar was certainly a good soldier who helped expand Rome as a world power.  He had to rule over a large and unruly empire, which meant engaging in tactics that many might define as evil.  He had large numbers of people put to death, tortured, enslaved, etc.  But that was the norm for such a leader.  His attempts to set himself up as an Emperor eventually got him assassinated, but eventually led to his successors creating Rome as an Empire rather than a Republic.

Whether you thought his policies were good or bad probably depended greatly on who you were.  There were benefits to Roman rule bringing better roads, water, and stability to war ravaged areas.  But if you resisted Roman rule or were a slave, you might feel life would be better without Rome.

- Mike  

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