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QUESTION: I need to incorporate a graph that is made by me into my High School AP American History paper which is about the history of the Bay of Pigs. I can't find really anything to make a graph about, I keep looking for numbers for example of wounded soldiers to compare both sides, or compare weapons... I was wondering if you have any information that might help. I am completely open for suggestions. I will look forward to hearing your reply.
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As you may know, part of the resolution to the Cuban Missile Crisis was that the US agreed to remove Jupiter nuclear missiles from Turkey which shares a border with Russia. So how about a graph comparing the number of Jupiter missiles in Turkey (15, as I recall) with the number of missiles in Cuba (something like 50)? Those missiles in Turkey annoyed the Soviets and they were part of the justification for locating missiles in Cuba, so it's a pertinent bit of data.

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QUESTION: Thanks Marc for that suggestions that would work very well but my report is focusing specifically on the Bay of Pigs invasion which did ultimately escalated up to the Cuban missile crisis.  I've been frustrated trying to find numbers to things like relative troop numbers, casualties, and/or weaponry between the Castro revolutionary guard and the CIA trained Cuban refugees/rebels.  Do you have any ideas on this?

Hey Zac,

I'm so sorry - I'm an idiot. I have no idea how I shifted from the Bay of Pigs into the Cuban Missile Crisis.

But, I can make it up to you: How about a graph showing how the Bay of Pigs invasion affected JFK's poll numbers? Something like this, for example: http://jfk14thday.com/jfk-presidential-approval-ratings/

Even though Kennedy was angry and embarrassed by the whole event, his approval numbers dramatically lifted because - as the public saw it - at least the president was trying to "do something" about communist Cuba.

I like to try to help on my second attempt if not my first...

- Marc  

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