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some student in past history maintained it is beneficial to study history politics and economics conjoined with all 3 disciplinaries in one go   why not seperatly  why michael is it important to combine with all 3 in one go  can you give me a full answer and give me one example maybe  the iraq war and why is this studies through themes like conomics  history and politics   can you give me a shining answer that illuminates my understanding   god bless you  val

History, politics, and economics all have commonalities.  But they are typically studied as separate disciplines so one can focus on that particular

You ask about the example of the Iraq War. I historical analysis might look that the historical religious and cultural divisions in the country, why it has the borders it has today, past alliances, and how those factors contributed to the move toward ward.  An economic analysis might look at the dynamics related to oil markets and the economic factors that Hussein faced following the Iran war which made the invasion of Kuwait more of an economic strategy.  A political analysis might focus more on the political dynamics within Iraq, the power politics between the Sunni and Shia throughout the region and the larger global western interest in mid-eastern politics.

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