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To what extent was the rise of the Whig Party a reaction to Andrew Jackson and his policies?

What was the economic effect of Jackson's bank war? How did Americans see Jackson's actions toward the national Bank?

How did the nullification process illustrate national issues such as states rights and sectional tension? How was it resolved?

Analyze how expanded suffrage affected political campaigns. What affect did this have on U.S policy?

In the answers, what I'm looking for is four pieces of evidence and a primary or secondary source. Thanks in advance.

I think the Whig Party had more to do with the dissipation of the Federalist party and nowhere for those people to go.  Jackson's policies probably drove some people from the Democratic-Replubicans and helped grow the ranks of the Whigs.  People who supported protective tariffs, more government spending on infrastructure, and the US Bank saw there was no way to pursue these goals without being a part of another party.

The immediate effect of failing to renew the Bank's charter was a currency shortage which led to a financial panic.  The main impact of this fell on mercantile interests.  For most farmers, who were Jackson's supporters, the impact was less harsh.  Most Jackson supporters, who were a majority of the country, were happy to see the bank fail since it prevented a small group of bankers from controlling the economy.

In the early years of the US, many States claimed they had the authority to nullify federal laws that were unconstitutional, or even when there were simply policy differences.  President Jackson held to the position that the federal government was supreme and that States could not nullify laws. He did, however, reform several laws that some States were attempting to nullify.

In the years leading up to Jackson's election, States did away with property requirements for voting, meaning that almost all free men could vote.  This meant that government leaders had to appeal to the working classes, not just wealthy property owners.  

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