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Michael when the 1991 war in the gulf ended why did the us government found it neccessary to set an army base in saudia Arabia .. was it to do with the scud missile program and if so can you explain why was this important  and secondly as I understand there were as little as around 1000 al quieda troops so why make all that affort after all the war was won very decisively with terms passed to saddam's regime ..please advise val

After the First Gulf War, the US maintained forces in Saudi Arabia to as a center of operations to enforce the no-fly zone over Iraq.  There were air defense missiles stationed there too, but the main purpose of the base was to provide a regional secure base that would allow the US to react quickly to any possible Iraqi actions.  Saddam Hussein still had a large army and posed a potential threat to the region.  The long term US presence was considered necessary to control that.  After Desert Storm ended, there were about 5000 US troops permanently stationed there.

Al Qaeda was not really a consideration at that time.  Although the continued US presence in Saudi Arabia was one of the reasons they gave for declaring a jihad against the US, few considered them a significant force in the 1990's.  

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