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The Puritan faith community shaped the New England colonies in virtually every way during much of the seventeenth century. Discuss the ideas and religious principles that characterized Puritanism, and explore the significant differences between the Puritan sect led by William Bradford, who founded Plymouth colony, and the group of Puritans led by John Winthrop, who founded Massachusetts Bay colony.


The primary difference between the two groups was that the group that is identified as Pilgrims wanted to separate from the Church of England and worship under the Calvinist Model.  However, they still wanted to retain the English language and many customs.  Puritans wanted to remain within the Church of England, but wanted to reform it (or "purify" it) by getting rid of elements of it that were associated with Catholicism.

Bradford was a self educated man whose people lived for a time in the Netherlands before coming over in small numbers to found Plymouth.

Winthrop came from a wealthier family and was college educated, much more from upper classes of Britain.  His initial fleet of 11 ships that hundreds of colonists was a much larger and better funded project that quickly overwhelmed the smaller Plymouth colony.

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