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why do people feel so strongly about slavery.

I'm assuming you mean around the time of the US Civil War.  The South felt strongly about it because the whole economy was based on it.  People had wealth had much of their fortunes invested in slaves.  There would be no way they could afford to maintain their lands and grow their crops without them either.  Many northerners saw it as a moral issue.  The US had been founded on the idea that all men were created equal, that they had certain inalienable rights such as the right to liberty.  Slavery was squarely in opposition to those ideals.  Many northerners believed it unconscionable to deny people the basic liberty to choose how to live and work.

Incidentally, there were also a great many people who did not feel strongly about slavery.  There were many who perhaps did not like it but who didn't care that much as it did not directly impact their lives.  There were also non-slave owners who may have had no problems with slavery from a moral perspective, but also had no direct economic investment in the system either.

- Mike

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