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Hello. Hope you can help me on my quest. I am writing about several members of my church who served in the Revolutionary War and looking for source material or books that can help me understand their units day to day existence.

The first one is Samuel Nasson. He is actually a quite famous "founding father" of the constitution, but during the Revolution he was a regimental quartermaster, first for Col Scammon's 13th Mass Militia from 4/75 to 12/75, and then upon the formation of the Continental Army in Col Prescott's 7th Regiment from 1/76 to 12/76. I am able to follow his movements pretty well in the 13th, but would like to find a book or some records detailing the movements and engagements of the 7th from the Seige of Boston through to the Battle of Fort Washington. Once while trolling the internet I accidently came across an online transcription source giving day to day reports for this group (at least while in the Boston area) but unfortunately suffered a later computer crash, lost the bookmark, and have been unable to find it again. For the short time I did have with it I learned there was a Court Martial action brought against Nasson in early 1776, so I'd be interested in finding those records if they exist. Another interesting thing I found was an entry in January 1776 that the "secret mission has been postponed". There is a Nasson family story that he crawled through the mud for a great distance in a failed mission to set Boston ablaze while it was occuppied by the British (odd as an assignment for a Regimental Quartermaster as that might sound). I've never found any reference to such an action in any history books I have read on the seige of Boston, but this reference I came across has me wanting to seek the best experts I can find to see they know of any such failed mission during the time Nasson was in Boston from 4/75 to 3/76. The online source may well have covered the rest of the regiment's travels down to NY, but I simply bookmarked the site to come back to later and as I said, lost it. There also may be books detailing the movement of various regiments through 1776 and if you recommendations on any of those it would appreciated. In 1777, Nasson serves one final year in the military in the 11th Matross Company as a Captain, but I'm assuming this is a local "homeland defense" Militia in the Maine area, but I've not been able to verify that.

The second individual I'd like to trace is Caleb Emery. Emery joins Captain Abel Mouilton's Company in Colonel Jonthan Titcomb's Regiment and goes to serve at the Battle of Rhode Island. I know not what rank. I would also like to trace the movements of this Regiment but have been able to find no mention of them anywhere. I assume they would be a Mass Miltia also from the Maine area. If possible I would like to know if they might have been positioned near the famous Colonel Greene's Regiment of black soldiers?

I know I ask a lot, but any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


Revolutionary war records are tough.  Good records were not always kept, and many that were have been destroyed.  But here are a few things I found.

I found a Massachusetts Magazine Articles that discusses the Prescott Regiment.  You can find an electronic copy of it here, beginning on page 235:

I also found a reference to Nasson in a book called "The History of Sanford" which mentions Samuel Nasson as quartermaster of "Colonel James Scammons's (Thirtieth) Regiment".  I'm not sure if this is the same or not, given the slightly altered name and different regement number, but worth a look, (pg. 54):

Col. Jonathan Titcomb has some information about his service at his site:

It also appears that many members of the regiment are listed as participants in the Battle of Saratoga, though I could not find Titcomb's name, or Emery's among those listed.

Not sure if that helps much or not, but hope it does.

- Mike

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