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sir can i respectfully ask  which of the 2 subjects are prestigious of the 4 and why    is history and politics a good combinations and mayi ask for you reasons   i am looking to study quite soon and need to know what are the significances and what are not   some say philosophy and religion is irrelevant but you may have something to say about that   please ADVISE SOON  val

Hi Val,

I'll be glad to help with your question.

History is the study of the past, so all of human activity is within the historian's purview. Because humans have organized themselves into governments as a way of maintaining control and distributing resources, an understanding of politics is important when studying history. However, politics need not be emphasized when focusing on the history of science, of women, or of labor, for example.

Philosophy and religion are definitely not irrelevant. Political parties, economic systems, and  social arrangements are all influenced by philosophy. Each of us behaves on a daily basis according to our personal philosophies. China, Japan, India, the UK, the USA - practically every country on earth is governed according to a particular political philosophy.

Similarly, religion is one of the primary drivers of world history. Even today, of course, religion is a major factor in social and political affairs. While religious conflict is responsible for the suffering of millions today, millions more people are helped by religious people who offer medical, financial, and emotional assistance. Religion has been part of human kind for tens of thousands of years, and there is no reason to think that it will be less important as a factor in human affairs.

I hope that this helps, Val!

- Marc  

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