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hello again Michael  the aftermath of the assassination of malcom x   what kind of person was he   was he extraordinary like martin luther king that he genuinely believed in the movement   what were the social,cultural and economical implications behind his death  and do the shock waves following his death exist even today?   thankyou for your time sir   god bless    val

I have actually been doing some research on Malcolm X for a History Blog post that I am planning to publish in about two weeks.

Malcolm X was no doubt an accomplished speaker, an effective organizer, and shared an ideal with Dr. King to improve the condition of blacks in America.  But the two men's goals were very different an in contradiction to one another.  

MLK fought for desegregation and equality under the law by using non-violent protest and resistance in order to bring about political reform and change the opinion of white America toward Blacks.  Malcolm X believed there was no way the white and black races would ever get along in America.  He felt the only way to improve the black race was to separate completely from the larger white society and run their own black only communities which were built and led by blacks.  He also had no hesitation to advocate violent and militant resistance to the violence and wrongs perpetrated against African-Americans.  He even went so far as to meet with the KKK at one point to discuss the idea of created a black homeland in America so that the black and white races could be completely separate.

Some say that towards the end of his life, after visiting the middle-east, Malcolm X saw how all races were able to come together under Islam and that we was beginning to walk back from his militant segregationist views.  However, he was murdered shortly after that, preventing us from seeing whether that change was a true and lasting one.

His death was not the end of African American militarism.  The Nation of Islam continued on without him, although in a diminished capacity.  Other groups such as the Black Panthers took up the mantle of black militarism and continue to run with it.  Malcolm's death may have also allowed MLK's group to gain more influence over the direction of reform.  But even before his death the MLK wing of the reforms was beginning to see the major victories in courts and legislatures that were bringing real change, while Malcolm's brand of militarism only stoked white fears and portended a race war.

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