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In regards to John Steinbeck's writing The Harvest Gypsies, what is the modern day correlation? Especially when he says "the migrants are needed and they are hated."
In regards to the dust bowl, how have we seen history repeat itself in our lifetime?

Hi Jordan,

The contemporary comparison to the Steinbeck work which you mentioned is the current debate about the acceptance of migrants from the Middle East who are fleeing war, famine, corruption, and disease. Should these people be allowed to come to the US in large numbers, or do they pose too much of a risk of terrorism or other problems? To the extent that the areas from which these migrants leaving - places like Syria and Eritrea - are essentially wastelands (due to the turmoil in those countries) then a comparison with the 1930s Dustbowl in the American Midwest is at least somewhat accurate.

I hope that this is helpful, Jordan!

- Marc  

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