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I am wondering whether it was a custom to have a bust of Pallas over one's chamber door as a symbol of protection; i.e., was it a common tradition that Poe was referring to in "The Raven," or was it peculiar to that poem? The reason I ask, is that humorist B.P. Shillaber makes a reference to it in his "Partingtonian Patchwork," in 1873; and I am wondering whether this is a direct reference to Poe's poem, or whether it was actually a reference to a common tradition, which Poe also (incidentally) made use of. I understand that a statue of Pallas once guarded over the city of Athens in ancient Greece, so I'm wondering whether people put them on a shelf over their bedroom doors as an imitation of what the Greeks once did.

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To my knowledge, it was not customary for anyone in 19th century America to seek protection from a bust of Pallas. Victorian America had a pretty strong sense of Christianity and investing any importance in pagan gods would have been widely deplored. Based on the available information, Poe was not reflecting a common tradition but was instead employing his characteristic symbolism. An explanation of the symbolism in this case is at http://thoughtsonpoe.blogspot.com/2009/06/raven-and-bust-of-pallas.html.

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