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QUESTION: Hi Michael

I am a live in Asia, and I have been recently trying to understand American Policy from the 50s to present day. It's becoming clearer by the day, however, what sources can you recommend (You TUbe videos, websites, documents ) to understand recent American history particularly the Bay of Pigs invasion and the assasintation of JFK?

I have seen the "Untold History" by Oliver stone and the A&E documentary "The_Men_Who_Killed_Kennedy"

ANSWER: Hello,

For general information on the post WWII era, you may find these sites helpful:

American policy was driven primarily in this era to prevent the advance of Communism, first in Europe, then in Asia and other parts of the World.

The Cuban Revolution was of particular concern to the US because it gave Communist Russia an ally within close range of the US.  It provided them with a nearby military base and a location from which to launch short and medium range missiles that could target the US.

You may find a great deal of conspiracy theories about the Kennedy Assassination on the Internet.  Oliver Stone's famous movie JFK is among them.  I would approach many of these theories with a fair amount of skepticism.

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QUESTION: Hi Michael

Thanks for the answer: what specifically in the Oliver Stone film and other theories is conspiracy theory - unprovable or incorrect?

Do you know the reason JFK was killed?

Oliver Stone's JFK took criticism mostly because it took unproven conjecture, presented as fact.  It could be that conjecture is correct, but we just do not know.  For a detailed look at the film's criticism, you can look at this site:

There is a great deal of conjecture that the Russians, Cubans, or organized crime, or some combination thereof pulled off the assassination.  Some accuse Vice President Johnson of some involvement.

There very well may have been a larger conspiracy.  There are some real questions about the official version produced by the Warren Commission.  But without any solid evidence either way, it is hard to come to any indisputable conclusion.

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