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Victor Vu wrote at 2013-07-31 17:29:39

   Nixon knew Vietnam war is pretty much an unwinnable war and he just wanted to get over with it. But on the other hand, we know that no one want to look like losers who are forced to quit the war because they are weaker than a tiny nation. They want to walk out of the war looking like they can win but just don't want to fight.

   The operation Linebacker II is conducted to strike shock and awe, to force Vietnamese into submission with the destructive power and prove to the world that USA is still a superpower and they don't lose Vietnam war.

The operation used the latest cutting edge technology B-52, which is claimed that no SAM can reach it, as the backbone. There is a claim that US will "bomb them back to the Stone Age." by targeting schools, residential area, hospital of populate cities in North Viet Nam with superior firepower of B-52. However, it failed and deals a big blow toward American's pride (French can share their sentiment) and they have no choice but to unconditionally withdraw from Viet Nam, which is North Vietnam's long-harbored wish.

   In short, you can interpret "peace with honor" as "running way with honor". That's like trying to score 1 honor goal in the 0-10 match. In my opinion, Nixon shouldn't resort to Linebacker II. That last attack consists the best, the quintessence

of U.S. armed forces and by failing, it proves U.S. don't have what it takes to win the war. Nixon should walked away before showing USA's full force and left it unconcluded.

-Victor Vu-

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