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U.S. History/President's Book of Secrets


Anonymous wrote at 2007-12-25 04:18:31
jeez man...that answer was very intellectual, but you need to calm down a bit.

Miss Hermione wrote at 2007-12-26 16:53:24
the answer above is surely what I would expect a very agitated doctor or lawyer to answer. I believe it is possible in the existence of this book.It is only for the president, so he's doing a very good job in keeping it secretive.Unless you think you're so important that the president would confide in you, you are surely mistaken.

Hunter wrote at 2007-12-27 08:38:09
I am going to have to disagree with the answer before this one. I support your idea of looking at both sides of the argument. If we were to think like the fellow before me, there would be no significant advances to the questions imposed on our society. Many great discoveries begin with a simple theory, an idea that inspires one to find the truth. I believe it was Albert Einstein that said "The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them," and I believe that this quote could be applied to the context of this argument.

I agree with the man before me when he said only rely on tangible evidence, but do not be afraid to question your sources!

Regarding a topic like the President's "Book of Secrets," as they say, I would call it nothing more than a theory. You're right, it COULD be real for all we know. I disagree when he said it is the "poorly educated that believe in something for which there is no proof," for you are one that questions the validity of what is fed to you! NOTHING IS SET IN STONE. There is the potential for almost anything in history to be disproved. Until it is, we accept it as fact.

Parris wrote at 2007-12-28 02:40:18
There is one thing i've heard from ex military or government officials is: you tell a person what they want to hear. Wheather its evidence or a suspect, and that we've got the person that did it.

As for myself, I do believe there is a lot we don't know for the simple reason is too protect us from our selves.

Sir William wrote at 2007-12-28 07:42:32
I have to disagree with your logic there.  First of all your argument seems to be that there is a lack of evidence.  Yet every example you come up with seems to show that there is plenty of evidence proving something one way or the other.

One example

"Mrs. Jackson I have run several pregnancy tests on you.  Your blood test came back negative, your urine test came back negative, and you have not skipped a period.  Based on all of this negative evidence, I therefore must conclude that you ARE pregnant."

All of the tests prove a that a woman is not pregnant, not that there is a lack of evidence one way or the other. so your logic with this example much like the others, is in essence illogical in and of itself.

Part two would be your utter hypocrisy to this question. One can only assume based on your reaction to the question, that you believe there to be no book of secrets, when there is no proof either way.  Let me take a page out of your doctor book. "Mrs. Smith, we don't know what is wrong with you, all we know is you are dying, but if you take a wide range anti-biotic it may cure you." There is no evidence saying an anti-biotic would cure this person but, if she believes the medicine might help she will probably take it, and maybe live.  Whereas if she says "well there is no evidence saying that this will or won't work so I refuse the medication" She will most certainly die.

Now let me try something just because I think this is cool.  Let me tell you what I believe you as a person are. Keep in mind I have never met you nor have I ever had any contact with you personally.  

1. I believe you are not an American.

2. I believe that you either like history or conspiracy theory, probably both.

3. I believe you like to argue or try to persuade other people to your point of view.

4. I believe that you think fairly highly of yourself, or maybe you are slightly insecure and like to belittle people online

I have no proof of this but I am fairly certain at least three if not all of these are correct.

By the way I don't think that there is a book of secrets but that doesn't mean I'm right.  

The Caks Pirat wrote at 2008-01-01 06:54:08
This is a wonderful question.  The most important questions in the world are irrational; however, there is no evidence proving your point.  In fact, there is hardly any information about it at all.  It is pure pseudoscience.  Since the only person who would know about this is the president himself, no one would have knowlege that such a book existed.  I, personally, would prefer a journal.

Damyeon wrote at 2008-01-01 18:01:34
I thoroughly enjoy when people say you cannot prove an argument without logical proof. If that is the case, then you sir cannot believe in God or Jesus based on your own line of thinking. Is there a book of secrets for the president’s eyes only, I believe so because it is hard to believe that Presidents would leave office and not have certain specific things that the next President needs to know and for him to know only. Do I think that it is all about conspiracies on JFK or Area 51 or Roswell, I don’t know but I see the logic in leaving that document for Presidents by Presidents.

Ray Chang wrote at 2008-01-15 06:16:29
The so-called "Answer" is just another example of the neo-fascist mentality commonly displayed by those who think that just because they possess some modicum of an "education" (as defined by our corrupt educational system) it gives them the right to dictate their own beliefs and prejudices to others and to put down those who see the world in a different way. If scientists are so smart, maybe they can explain why they are constantly proving themselves wrong - if the past is any indication, chances are that today's newly-discovered "fact" will become tomorrow's disproved theory. It is a sad fact that our "educated" masses are too willing to accept anything and everything (though much of it is based upon theory and conjecture, like the idiotic "big-bang," etc.) just because it comes from some so-called expert with initials behind their name. And, yes, there is a MOUNTAIN of evidence suggestive of a Kennedy assassination conspiracy available to anyone independent enough to be able to think for themselves who are willing to research it.

Cooper wrote at 2008-01-20 17:06:11
"Thank goodness real scholars, real doctors, and real scientists don't embrace YOUR illogical thought process"

Expert or not, this is no way to treat someone who posed a question.  I guess you're lacking some expertise in manners Mr. Anderson.  Or maybe you're making the same mistake many unmannered Americans do, thinking that your answer is humorous when it comes off childish and rude.

Did you not expect some interest in this topic with such a popular film recently released?  There was zero need for such surliness - my sympathies to the person who posed this question.

Jake wrote at 2008-01-25 21:05:01
Look man what kind of pretentious idiot condemns someone for asking a question. In this case whoever asked this obviously was ill informed about the subject and wanted to learn more. How could anybody who claims to be "educated" possibly attack someone for attempting to learn something? The quest for knowledge is one that has no end. If you actually believe your further along on said quest then you should be nurturing those behind you not attacking them. Remember that nobody is perfect. We all have a little something that we could learn. Thats what makes life interesting. Finally to answer the question. The book of secrets as far as we know does not exist. It was an pleasant fiction made up to be used as a plot device in the most recent national treasure movie. However, I've heard that president Bush uses a Girltech password journal to keep all his dirty secrets, but lets face it those things are foolproof.

Mark Ard wrote at 2008-01-31 05:05:46
the idea of a presidential book of secrets is a bit much, but not too far fetched so do not feel bad mr. smith. the government now releases to the media only what the media is suppose to know and display for the public. for instance on the day of 9/11 one plane left the united states during the crisis. one plane with osama bin ladens family on it carrying them back to the middle east. Now one must ask, why would we let the family of the so called person behind the attacks go and back to their home free to go. I feel that 9/11 was a part of the governments plan to allow themselves to do some things that you cannot do unless in a time of war. Another weird coincidence is that another president predicted this major U.S. catastrophe fourty years before it happened. If you do not believe me research it yourself under "kennedy's presidential doodles" where he made a circle with the numbers 9-11 in it and underlined the word conspiracy underneath it. another just weird coincidence? i think not. The United States government in MY OPINION had further knowledge about the attacks and simply chose to do nothing about it so they could carry out plans as needed. Number one president bush wanted to unite the nation and have to peoples support on the "war on terror" so that the nation could spend excess money on military. This is backed by president bush having the highest approval rating the nation has ever seen. And what now? the lowest the nation has ever seen, based on the fact that we spent all that money on war on terror to be over in iraq and afghanistan for almost 7 years now and we have not even caught the person who was supposively responsible for why we are fighting. Yes, we caught sedam huisan but his dictatorship was no longer a threat nor was the conspiracy of his weapons of mass destruction. If so, where are they now? In closing there is one more conspiracy that not many know about. The conspiracy of Pinak. Pinak is the U.S. code for a theory which is not 100 percent provable at this time that the whole war on iraq, troops stationed in south korea, and alies and forces surrounding china was all set up. The U.S. first wanted control over the middle east where they could regulate oil and certain trade and also control pakistanian government. If you look at where the U.S. troops are stationed, they all surround china. At the appropriate time, north korea would be invaded and further added to the allies against china. Now why against china? this I do not know. China is by far one of the biggest world leaders and power. The United States is not where it used to be. We are no longer the feared U.S. with the most sophisticated army and armed services. This plan in MY OPINION has backed down due to the fact of taking so long to gain control in the middle east. When the war in iraq first started, it was beautiful. Our plans were being carried out quickly and thoroughly and progress was efficient. But it was not expected to gain the other parts of the middle east 6 more years. The United States now is almost in the point of recession due to the fact that the government in continuing to spend this money and approve 30 billion dollar war bills when the economy has never been worse other than the great depression. The United States dollar has never been so low in value and its due to the loss in our sales, production, and value of what we do here in America. The United States is simply a big business. this is the simplest way to put it. If something is not done quick, our big business is going to go under and quick. Because who do we owe the most money to from the national debt. CHINA. they keep buying and investing in our bonds which keeps giving the U.S. money temporarily, but will come back to haunt us in the near future, ESPECIALLY if a woman becomes president (no offense Hillary). America will be viewed as a target and all as we know it will be no longer. how i know these things such as the only plane that left, which is completely true is the military tells you things like this. ONLY THE MILITARY.

OFP_857 wrote at 2008-02-04 03:56:59
As an American I think the above answer is absolutely spot on. If there were anything to add to that answer, I would surely attempt to do so as eloquently as the author already has, but since there isn't, I won't.

Great work!

the enlightened one wrote at 2008-03-04 01:12:34
ur retarded if it is for the goverment eyes only how will there be evidence u dumbshit. if no one knows about it besides the president then how are we to say its true, or false. theres no way but i choose to believe it exists for the mere factor that all presidents were corrupt and that george w bush is a great example. hes a retard who wants money

he set up 9-11 to go to iraq and get oil and kill iraqis. OF COURSE the goverment has things to hide. its not going to be 100 percent honest. like george carlin said if honesty was introduced into the government the whole government will collapse

bepell wrote at 2008-03-10 17:12:49
You are contradicting yourself and I am quite sure you are unaware of it. The last sentence you mention  "Good luck"...Luck as I know it and all scientist and "educated people" have not proven that luck is a real entity. Luck cannot be proven, it cannot be held, it cannot be looked upon or heard. It is a belief. So for you talk about only poorly-educated people believe in something without proof, is contradictory to your own core beliefs-believing in luck.

Kevin Pearson wrote at 2008-03-16 01:15:24
Thank God most Americans are not educated and have no imagination like you, if they were we would not of had the imagination or desire to not believe that we could accomplish the impossible.

Wijko wrote at 2008-03-26 12:51:44
About you comment on the kennedy assasination.

Ever watched the movie: I shot JFK ?

You will find it interesting.. More then enough proof (or reasonable doubt if you will) is given that there were indeed more then just Oswald who shot.

One part (also commonly known to the public) is the path that the bullet that shot Kennedy is the most amazing path a bullet has ever followed. By many outstanding scientist opinion it is impossible that one bullet could have done this.

Hence you could easily argue that Oswald didn't act alone.

neo wrote at 2008-04-16 17:48:32
the presidents book of secretes maybe real. the president only knows were it is. the rest of the movie is a little bogouse. yes the president secret book is real we just cant get to it or see it unless we are president of the usa

dummy wrote at 2008-05-06 07:52:09
I was completely appalled by the answer given to that question. I cannot wait for the day for your kind to die off and the rest of us uneducated idiots can ruin the world with our imagination. You sir are an idiot.

ObliviousHarmony wrote at 2008-05-21 04:12:10
To put this arrogant and ill-informed answer into prospective, no there is no book of secrets. It was a plot created for a movie and nothing more. It's possible there is a book that the President has that other presidents wrote in but i highly doubt so and that it would contain the nations secrets. Most likely it would contain some information that would only help a President. I would also like to add that most Science is mere speculation and that most things aren't based on complete factual evidence. The laws of Physics are mere observations. Who says they can't be broken? It could simply be we haven't found how to yet.

none wrote at 2008-05-22 00:59:07
The other answer is typical Eurotrash

It's a known fact that many government cover-up's have existed throughout history, both in the United States and European governments and the very nature of a "secret" is to try and suppress all evidence of its existence.

How would we think it exists? Well, there's no way to keep an absolute secret forever. Eventually some information leaks or someone sees something that they shouldn't and part, or all, of the secret gets out.

It would not shock me if such a book existed, as it's at least plausible that something of that nature would exist on some level.

mimiwa9891 wrote at 2008-05-22 22:20:05
Actually, the History Channel showed a documtentary that gave evidence for the multiple gunman theory, including ballistics tests. For those who believe in the occult, Nostrodamous predicted to killers, though I am not sure how reliable he is.

Also, myths and legends are all rooted in fact. This means that there is a possibility that the President's Book is real. For sure proof, run for president.

guest wrote at 2008-05-23 15:58:57
He wasn't saying he believes in it just because there's no evidence that it isn't real. He simply stated that no one but a former or current president could tell you if there is one or not because they are the only ones who can see the book if it is real. Your not the president clearly so you can't tell him if it's real or not.

Nick wrote at 2008-05-24 06:09:38
There is such a fine line between cynical skepticism and a reasonable critic to interpreting facts. There is AMPLE  evidence to suggest that JFK was not the victim of a single bullet nor of a single shorter. To dismiss this evidence through an archaic and completely irrelevant analogy is rather simple minded and intellectually misleading.

It is unfortunate that perception of the truth is too often mistaken for the truth.

Matt wrote at 2008-05-24 13:41:31
You claim to be this inteligent guy with all these answers. if you were as inteligent as you think you are (oh..he's inteligent...just ask im)you would realize that 80 years ago people like you still thought the orld was flat and that we were the only solar system in this galaxy. it took imagination from brilliant people like darwin and einstein. when darwin first talked about evolution he was a laughing stock, now his theories are commonly thought of as fact to scientists worlwide. i'm not saying there is a presidents "book of secrets", but i am prepared to believe in the POSSIBILITY that there is one. only an uninteligent and short sighted individual would see otherwise.

theTRUTHisOUTthere wrote at 2008-05-24 21:34:13
I've seen the president's book! it's real, it was a couple years ago, unfortunatly i cant tell you more because i was sworn to secresy. sorry, but it's real you idiot.

iHateDumbSmartPeople wrote at 2008-05-25 04:22:19
Wow. So this is what it is like to "educated people". A question is asked and a "educated person" responds to the question with a rant filled with mostly arrogant pompous rhetoric. ]

Go be an educated pompous jerk and preach this crap to any followers of any faith. Then roll your eyes because you are smarter than them.

It is all thanks to arrogant "intellectuals" like yourself that I get to make you look like fools in a face to face debate.

Your rhetoric is weak and lacking in anything resembling a completly unbiased response to a question. Think about that, practice a little and try and play again.

toto wrote at 2008-05-25 12:53:01
if your poorly-educated Americans never ask them self any question or try something out of the blue your doctor would'nt have be able to find a cancer in the first place. Some of are biggest discovery have been made by mistake or trying something wiht out any evidance. sometime you have to have a open mind to be able to break barier and to be able to push the limit. If you look inside the box you will mist the old picture.But if you what to live inside the box and kiding your self that their nothing out side it, it your life and if your like those close minded people and whant to live your in a box, be my and put your self in the sand while we live in the real world.

HistoricalDukie wrote at 2008-05-26 07:17:44
First off, to the original poster, asking a question about an alleged "book of secrets" does not make you unread or poor educated,as whoever answered your question rudely suggested. It makes you curious. Secondly, to the person who answered, there is a speck, an atom, a scintilla of evidence that does support the idea that Lee Harvey Oswald was part of a conspiracy. In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations declared that it was highly likely that Oswald was part of a conspiracy,as implied by Dictabelt evidence. While this evidence could be faulty and incorrect, there is no way for the average American to determine that. Therefore, it's completely plausible for someone to believe in a conspiracy. So, before you throw around information in order to make someone feel ignorant, please state all the facts, whether you believe them or not.

brandisaur wrote at 2008-05-28 04:00:29
Your way of thinking is logical...but...Just becuase it hasn't been proven.  IT hasn't been disproven.  I do not personally believe that the book of secrets is real, but if you have watched any of the loose change videos that could have been a conspiracy(911).  If you have ever spent some time to watch the history channel Jfk could very well have been shot by two seperate gun sby two seperate people in two seperate positions.   Look it up I'm not lying...And neither are the facts.  Just because you hear it from the news doesn't mean that it is true.  Whatever information or what not the government let's out is obviously what they want us to hear.  And being the ignorant, illogical, uneducated, and spoiled people that many americans tend to be now a days....they would be wise not to let any thing good escape to the public.

annoneemus wrote at 2008-05-28 13:03:01
OMG!  Answer is rude.  AND NOT intelligent in any way.  And I is edamahcated.  And successful.  (must have something to do with my personality...) Better yet...Mr. Smith? Mr. Anderson? ahahahahahahaaaaa!!  "The Matrix" - part IV ! LOL! Love it!

Bj wrote at 2008-05-30 04:24:09
In response to the main articles writings about the assignation of President John Kennedy. To conclude that something did not happen you must provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the event did not occur.  While it is unlikely that President Kennedy was killed by the Government of the United States, there exists no proof that the government did not have a hand in the assignation.  As Sherlock Holmes, a fictional character but still a good basis for any deceive, said "Remove all other factors and the one remaining, no matter how illogical is the truth."

While i am not saying whether there is a book of secrets or not, or even who killed President Kennedy, I am trying to get the point across that not all evidence has been taken into account.

FckFace wrote at 2008-05-31 09:47:48
I find it funny that the last person who posted,who thinks you are so uneducated, wasted his/her time typing that comment if they so believe you are a waste of breath.

Alexander wrote at 2008-06-02 16:21:36
YOU MISTER SUCK,Mabey the president book is real and guess what you crack job everyone can believe in what they want and they still live in the real world. so shut your big FAT SPEAKER and justremeber you are not in the real world right bub! :(

leeward side wrote at 2008-06-05 13:03:19
as intellegent as you think you are, you would know, that by looking back through history, two things which men are driven by, are there lusts for power and material wealth.  So to not believe in conspiracies throughout history, would be an even more irrational idealistic belief that The President's Book exists...or in the uncanny Pryamids at Giza which even their building techniques have been lost.  

Conspiracies, Just to name a Few

What about all the Christian Persecutions, Roman slavery, and acts of violence against them for mere entertainment.

What about all the Persecutions, from men and men of the cloth alike, against women, for having an opinion/or being outspoken, were deemed witches and burned at the stake.  Hundreds of women...

What about the life long persecution of women, from the beginning of time....wich opens a great door of belief about Jesus having a wife...and why not?  What better gift could be given to God's son, then to know first hand, the emotional and spiritual/physical love between a man and a women?

What about the times when the only men who were allowed to read the Bible were the Priests....and why?  And when they were finally forced to release the words of the Bible to all man kind...why were some scriptures left out?

The English sensed early in the seventeenth century the collapse of their North American rule, embarked on a policy of creating a colony, devoted to subverting the will of the surrounding countryside.  The colonies revolted as thought they would, and have remained cursed along with the state of New Jersey to this day.

How bout the Irish Potato Famon The Irish Potato Famine - During the mid-Ninteenth Century, long before the years of Prohibition in the United States, the Italian Mafia undertook an extensive plan to starve their chief rivals, the Irish crime bosses out of their own home market. Unfortunately, the Italians failed to forsee the outcome of the famine, which resulted in an increased Irish presence in the Italian 'markets' of New York and Chicago eighty years later.

How About The Titanic - In 1912 the English cruise liner Titanic sank to the bottom the north Atlantic, taking some two-thirds of its passengers to their deaths. The tragedy, the largest cruise liner disaster of its time, was long attributed to an iceburg both by those on the ship and those on board rescue vessels. The ship lay undiscovered for over seventy years until Dr. Robert Ballard of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute led an expedition which successfully located the sunken legend. Subsequent missions to the Titanic thoroughly examined the shattered hull; armed with new evidence came to a startling conclusion: the Titannic had been torpedoed. By 1912 the Germans had perfected the U-boat and had built several prototypes for testing. The German government, with its distrust of England, set to prove the English wrong when they proclaimed the ship "unsinkable." The U-boat slipped quietly into the North Atlantic and came upon the luxury liner. In a stroke of good fortune, the ship happened to pass next to an iceburg; the Germans, realizing that the iceberg would mask their actions, torpedoed the starboard side of the hull. The resulting hull damage sank the Titanic and many of its passengers. Afterwords, the German U-boat slipped quietly back to port and into the shadows of history.

The 1973 Oil Embargo - This ranks as another conspiricy which happened in a different manner then is commonly thought. Following World War II, the Japanese rebuilt their nation with the help of the United States, their one-time enemy. But, even in the face of defeat, the Japanese continued to harbor thoughts of one day conquering the United States, and they decided to follow this policy through the sale of mass-produced goods. All went according to planned, except on one critical front: the automobile industries could not sell to a nation bred on large cars and cheap gas. To achieve their ends, the Japanese secretly met and bargained with several Middle Eastern leaders and monarchs, who themselves bore grudges against the Unites States for aiding the establishment of Israel. Finally, when all was in place, the Eastern oil lords placed an embargo on the United States. With its supply of gasoline severely limited, Americans turned to Japanese cars, whose chief appeal was excellent fuel milage. The plan worked as the Japanese hoped.

The Shroud Fire of 1997 - For the third time since its relocation to Turin, Italy, the linen cloth many believe was used to wrap the body of Jesus was nearly the victem of fire. In the small hours of April 14 firemen arrived at the scene to find flames and smoke pouring out of the tops of the Turin Cathedral and the Guarini Chapel, which was built to house the Shroud. Acting quickly, local fireman Mario Trematore used a sledgehammer to break the bulletproof glass which housed the shroud reliquery; Trematore and other firefighters then carried the reliquery to safety to the cheers of onlookers. Although the Shroud escaped damage, the Renaissance Cathedral and the Chapel, designed by architect Guarino Guarini, suffered extensive smoke and water damage. The official report on the fire points to an electrical failure in equipment used in the restoration of the chapel, but an unofficial source has revealed a conspiracy which places the Shroud of Turin at the center of an anti-Catholic plot. It now appears that agents of the Southern Baptist Church of North America and the Christian Coalition may have set fire to the Guarini Chapel in an attempt to destroy the Shroud. Such an attack would preclude a new period of attack against Roman Catholicism by reactionary Protestant forces. The destruction of the Shroud of Turin would likely result in a temporary de-moralization of Roman Catholics worldwide, allowing opponents to spearhead new campaigns against the "true" church. Pat Robertson, the former television evangelast and leader of the Christian Coalition has repeatedly cited Catholicism as "un-American," mirroring the stance taken by the Southern Baptist Church of North America, which contributes the majority of the Christian Coalition funding. The Baptist Church has officially denounced the Shroud of Turin as a fraud, citing recent scientific work aimed at dating the linen. Although the studies indicate that the Shroud of Turin may originate in the Middle Ages, they can neither reach any concise date of origin nor explain the image for which the Shroud is so revered. Since the fire, the Shroud has been moved to an undisclosed monestary for safekeeping.

What about the Knights of Templar, who have evolved into the Masons....????  What so secretive?  

What about the Skull and Bones Society?

Again, just to name a few....whenever man comes into play, there is always greed and power which leads men to do their dirty deeds.  Man is his own worst enemy and will eventually be his own demise.

Conspiracies are alive and well, and have led even the best of men, have committed some very cruel immoral and unthinking motives which has taken us right up to today.  All for the betterment of man....

Do you really think the symbols on the back of our money do not mean anything?  

I believe if American's really knew what has gone on since the beginning of time to alter the outcome of certain events...they'd be shocked.  Which would be even more unbelievable that our fine country of men, could have committed such crimes against our own.  

Believe it!  

Patrick wrote at 2008-06-05 23:47:06
First of all. Looking for something despite lack of evidence has led to many many discoveries throughout history.  So not wanting to explore the so-called unexplorable is too limited.  We should be encouraging people to go forth and discover despite what others think or believe.  There's no evidence that there is life on mars, but educated men and women are spending millions of dollars exploring that planet to see if it exists.  The doctor analogies you use to explain your theory is limited and short sighted in the view of what you're trying to debate.  Doctors perform test many times without symptoms.  They're called check-ups and many people have been saved from a cancer or other serious illness that they had no symptoms of save for that random test during the check up.  So you can't very well use that.

Many things have been discovered because people have the courage to go out and discover, to search, to explore.  I'm not saying in any way that this "book of secrets" exists but there are many archaeological finds that have been uncovered and led to many other finds that wouldn't have ever been discovered if someone hadn't ventured out to find them in the first place.  As far as the Kennedy Assassination, there is a lot of evidence to SUGGEST there were multiple gun men and Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone if in fact he aceted at all.  Some witness reported seeing him in the lobby buying a coke just minutes after the president was shot.  Try reading even just part of the Warren Report sometime.  

Education is good, but is still limited knowledge at best.  There are still many things to be discovered. Do not limit others or yourself to only what you can see and only what you already know.  If we all did that, how would we ever discover anything new.

patrick wrote at 2008-06-06 00:07:29
to "enlightened one":

if george bush went over to kill iraqi's and get oil, then why are the iraqi's free from saddam hussein and why is gas almost to $5.00 a gallon.  If what you say is true then wouldn't iraq be a blank spot on the map and gas be down to about $0.50 a gallon?  please do not dishonor those who died back in 2001 by saying we killed our own people when al queda and the taliban took full responsibility for it.  we are at war with war criminals. they may not be uniformed and a country's military as in other wars that we are fighting against but they are still the enemy.  the mistake our government made was not acting sooner during clinton's administration when they attacked us before.  the world trade center was hit by terrorists in the past and the uss cole was hit by terrorists as well.  we simply let it go on too long during the clinton years and i'm glad bush took charge of this one to prevent other attacks.

if we don't stop an enemy that hates us, they will kills us.  what would've happened if we simply let pearl harbor go without fighting back, or if no one had stepped in against hitler?

to say we can have peace without fighting back against those who first attack us is naive.  i'm all for turning the other cheek. but when they threaten your very life you must defend.  i'm glad that we have had a president who defended our country despite opposition.  i agree mistakes were made but overall he's getting the job done.  i would not want to be sitting at the desk in the oval office right now.  they're all making some very tough split-second decisions. with the enemy we're facing today, it's a wonder how it's turned out as well as it has.

jake wrote at 2008-06-06 02:21:55
it doesnt have to be a book

ofcourse the most locical way to record stuff back then WOULD be to record in on paper!

but perhapse its knowldege of secerets

or individual documents, file, redwell, or even box of secerets.

who knows

also to the first answer

i dont know to much about the Kennedy assassination, but perhapse when its said that there were 2 gun men, maybe there was a primary one and a backup. You know incase the first was caught or missed or something along those lines!

Another gunman would most likely leave no evidence to him being their-if he didnt physicaly act in the assassination- except bent grass or foot print in dust, (where ever he was).

so thats my thoughts adn not everyone in the world can be as cultured as some perfect people out there

(please excuse incorrect spelling i type very fast and sometimes hit the wrong key)

PresidentialSeal wrote at 2008-06-06 18:29:30

Sorry but whoever wrote that bit about the so-called Kennedy Assassination is not as educated on the subject as he or she claims to be….. First of all the HSCA that is (The House Select Committee on Assassinations) which was the UNITED STATES CONGRESS states and I quote.... "President Kennedy was probably killed by a conspiracy" This was the key finding of the committee, a finding that the committee argued was supported by existing evidence and by additional evidence that it developed during its investigation.

* Four shots were fired during the assassination, one of them from the grassy knoll.

* Two gunmen were involved.

* There was a gunman on the grassy knoll.

If you wish to be naive, that’s fine but please do not speak on matters that in which you are apparently not up to speed ……… As for the “Presidents Book” I do not think so, but then I am not the President.

fuck off wrote at 2008-06-08 15:35:10
wow, you're a dick. There's nicer ways to answer people who are "uneducated." Apparently your nice little ph.d didn't buy any tact.

MisterVo wrote at 2008-06-14 19:21:38
Just as aside to what was said;

"We should ONLY believe things that there is forensic proof of.  POSITIVE in FAVOR of something, NOT a lack of evidence disproving it."

If this is true you better be an atheist because there is no forensic proof of any God(s). He can choose to believe in this "Book of Secrets", and it isn't illogical to do so.

According to legend, only Presidents are allowed to read the book, so this would mean that no one but the Presidents know of its existence. The information apparently leaked out about the book, therefore spawning said legend.

Timothy Liden wrote at 2008-06-16 06:31:27
After reading the previous posted answer, I now know how EASY it is for the government to control the masses!  Mr. Anderson continue to keep your mind open to all the possibilities in life.  You will be one of us who sit on the mountain tops watching the cattle herded through the mountain passes.

Terry wrote at 2008-07-03 22:33:02
I just want to respond to the answer above......Have you ever seen a million dollars?  i mean your hands, have you ever held one million bucks?  No? Just because you have never seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

not stuck on myself wrote at 2008-07-09 16:48:40
Wow, the person who answered that question, i think you could shove a piece of coal up their butt and a diamond would come out!  what an uptight stuck up!

silence dogood wrote at 2008-07-10 16:30:54
    if you would like proof i would gladly give it. take the tour of the library of congress and ask about the book. they will of course tell you the story, myth, and that its not true. since my father is a government official, he got clearance into the very special section with an employee. we looked at all the books and not one of them was the presidents book. finally we checked the dewy decimal system and there was a book missing. the employee didn't know what book or why it was gone but it was gone. i don't know weather or not it was the presidents book but i do know that it is a little fishy. although your docter analogy is completely true, i have to admit that many things have been proven with little to no evidence until after it was proven. i shall take up your challenge and find the book if i can.

        your humble servant, silence dogood.

Ace wrote at 2008-07-12 14:28:10
For one thing, if the book really does exist and is only for the president, no one may ever know except for the presidents of the United States.

So, based on this possibility, no one can confirm or deny this rumor except the US president himself. But, he might never admit to it either so once again, a cloud of secrecy.

Sheena wrote at 2008-07-22 01:58:18
to respond to this answer, haven't you heard of mysterious health conditions??! there are many cases of health problems that no one could explain where or how something developed..but it's there. just like peoples existance, we're here, but how?? people believe in god but never seen him. so my point is you can believe in a president's book because a president does exist so there may be some sort of information president's past to each other as a pen pal does and no one knows of the conversation! so believe what you want, if there's an imagination use it! you'll never know what you may discover from it!

Medman wrote at 2008-08-31 05:47:15
That is true, it could be considered silly to believe that something is true without proof. However, the example you gave actually can be looked at in a different way. You said that while the doctor has no proof that cancer exists in the patient, the patient should not assume they have cancer because such a belief has no back up. If indeed the patient is cancer free, then they did the right thing by believing they are cancer free. However, if the patient does have cancer and they .00001% of the times the tests are wrong happened to be in this case, and the patient took your advice and assumed they did not have cancer, they would die from the disease. If they acted as though they did have cancer and took steps to bolster their immune system, change their diet, and reduce the cancer causing agensts they exposed themself to, weather they had cancer or not they would be improving their lives. Basically what I m trying to say (by looking at your example in a different light) is that believing in something there is no proof for cannot hurt but may turn out to be helpful. Not believeing in someting will never be helpful, but could be hurtful. Plus, myths are supposed to be enjoyed, not debunked and debated about. Just some food for thought.

realisticandoptimisticchick wrote at 2008-09-12 23:17:01
There's nothing more obnoxious than a pompous person who throws around their education as if they're God's gift. We all have questions and there are a possible million answers. But one cold fact doctor is that there is a big difference between uneducated and plain ignorant. And that's what you're acting like. Wasn't it the brightest minds in the world once thought that the earth was flat until someone prove them wrong?! well there you go you just might be wrong Dr. keeping an open mind and embracing all possibilities is what makes someone truly educated.

Brett wrote at 2008-09-15 04:51:31
i would say that u are jumping the gun a little here, most people don't believe something just cause there is no proof against it, they are the smarter ones that believe there may be a book of secrets of that there is a conspiracy involved with Kennedy, for all we know they may both exist so i wouldn't say it doesn't exist or even that it does until there is sufficient proof for or against them

Joe wrote at 2008-10-12 02:11:16
Many people believe in things they may not have actually seen, but have unwavering faith in.  

I once found myself in an interesting conversation with a young girl who had to share her views on God to me.  She was under the belief God didn't exist, and said "What if someone someday proves God doesn't exist!"  I smiled and replied "What if someday someone does."  Similar questions went back and forth, and I told her you know what the difference between someone who believes in God and someone who doesn't is?  She said "No, what?"  I told her "Faith; you either have it or you don't."   

Does the President's Book exist or not?  Does it matter.  What matter is that people believe it can be real and that's enough for them; and there's no convincing them otherwise.  And you now what...

...I believe that they believe this to be true, and I move on.

Locke wrote at 2008-10-24 01:43:37
Actually according to the magic bullet theory there was more than one shooter. I don't think that it is a government plot but the bullet would have to travel in a zig zag patern to hit kennedy the way it did. As for the presidents book we may never know. But i do believe because it makes sense. If you think about it from an unbiased perspective.

anonymoustruth1316 wrote at 2008-10-29 20:20:55
Well in my opinion i do believe that president kennedy was assassinated by the goverment or the goverment had him assassinated because when they called the hospital because of president kennedy being shot they said only the president was shot they didnt say the governor too, but the hospital had TWO! beds prepared for both of them so how did they know.

all i know is that the goverment can cover up any thing, and maybe some one leaked it, duh!

Daniel Hurst wrote at 2008-11-02 00:40:31
Quite a substantial answer. However, you assume that for something to be real there must be foresnsic proof. You stated and i quote 'educated people don't think that way' if your statment, which hold in disregard, is true then what are belivers of God? Are they uneducated. Just because their is no forensic proof, does not mean their 'theory' is incorrect (FYI for your counter argument, the Bible is not forensic proof). Also, is it not thanks to this 'backwards' way of thinking Christopher Columbus discovered the world was is round? If nobody had theories and people did not try to prove them, the world would not be the place it is today. Therefore i say to the question poster, continue to believe in the 'Book of Secrets' because someday, you never know, one of us 'uneducated folk', just might prove it's existence.

alias007 wrote at 2008-11-10 14:51:43
It seems logical that there would be such a book.  We know that there is a rite of passage between the President and President-Elect.  Wouldn't it make sense to write this stuff down rather than just hope to remember it all?  Better yet, if you were once President-Elect and you took notes (most likely in a hard-cover notebook for longevity) during your rite of passage, wouldn't it just be easier to hand over your notes?

I believe that if there was no book, or notebook, or collection of scrap pieces of paper with a thought jotted down, then it would speak rather poorly of our past Presidents and their apparent lack of intelligence to understand the importance of writing things down.

So again, it's logical to conclude that there is such a book.  What the book contains is an altogether different story.

av8r wrote at 2008-11-13 19:22:16
Since you are the educated, learned, informed person, representing the minority of American's, would you please explain to me (and I believe a great number of "ignorant" Americans) the disparity in the trajectory angles of the supposed "Oswald bullets" and how the bullet that hung in the air and chnaged trajectory to hit the Govenor in the front seat.

pinklolli31 wrote at 2008-11-18 00:03:04
well im pretty sure the person under me thinks "the man" is out to get  him also its your own opinion whether or not you think its real i do but thats me i think there are some things that have never been told to america and probably never should for our own good an whatever they are ,are kept  in that book an given to the next president to add things to it almost like a diary only for the president of the united states

yea thats me wrote at 2008-11-18 07:28:50
you may be able to believe this but many people belive its true unfortunately there people like this guy who is a "bright person" who try to prove everyone wrong. i belive its true and we may never know for sure but that is life filled with secrets that we may never know that is how the "real world" is

tyler wrote at 2008-11-22 22:31:20
If you are the educated person speaking on the above question, you might want to look over your response and fix your grammar.

just passing through wrote at 2008-12-06 14:14:34
Well, someone seems bitter, and, to concur with a previous commentator, very self important. Yes, there is no empirical evidence supporting such conspiracy theories, but there is no solid evidence proving the existence of many sub-atomic particles. But through observation, experimentation and deductive reasoning we know they exist.

I haven't a clue whether this book exists or not, it just makes an interesting story. I do know that there are many things that go on within our government and our world that you or I will never know about. Just think of when documents decades old are released to public scrutiny through the Freedom of Information Act and the revelations they reveal.

Whether this obfuscation is by design, accident or the fact that it has no direct effect on your being, who knows.

sam wrote at 2008-12-17 02:39:11
Yes, you are right in some respects. But we must remember all of the inquiries that came out of the assassination of President Kennedy. I visited the building from which it is believed that Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy. The angles from which he was shot at are all very peculiar, and some experts believe that the evidence from this entire ordeal may not be absolute. These theories that appear about government involvement, and conspiracies contain spotty evidence, however, because there is so much information missing from that day (i.e. the evidence that died with Oswald) no one can really conclude the very exact events that took place.

Also, I think it's a somewhat of an overkill that you attack the original inquirer with phrases like "I will be living in the real world." It's only natural to view a movie like National Treasure 2 and imagine aloud if things like the "book" are real. Calling these people "poorly-educated" is quite empty, and considering the fact that you don't necessarily know them makes it even worse. I am a college student, graduated with high honors and in the top 10% of my high school class, and I still like to watch that movie and think about how interesting it would be if the events were real.

It's just imagination, not "poor education."

lookingforanswers wrote at 2008-12-18 18:29:58
I see what you are saying but at the same time if no one believed things that have yet to be proven then there would be allot of unsolved answers such as cancer because there would be no drive to discover these answer such as cancer and your analogies have A** so to speak

and since we are playing you game someone said there was air everyone laughed at that person until he proved it

jjdkloeir wrote at 2008-12-20 03:29:43
Maybe some of us have just come to this website because we wanted to get a laugh...Don't just assume.

Vickers wrote at 2009-01-22 05:47:43
I liked the first part of your post. However, after the kennedy analogy, i think that its you that needs to join the real world. THERE IS NOTHING BUT EVIDENCE THAT POINTS TO A CONSPIRACY, Carried out by members of Operation 40, a CIA ran operation that also had ties to Former President George H.W. Bush. Bush as well as Former President Nixon were all apart of the conspiracy to kill one of the Great American presidents in this country. Wake up dude.

Orracle wrote at 2009-01-22 05:56:16
Actually the earth was round, but there was no evidence. The whole pregnancy thing is a terrible analogy, no president has ever gone to a lie detector test and been asked "Is there a book of secrets? So there is no evidence to prove it right or wrong.

Respond wrote at 2009-01-22 23:23:07
Where as I generally agree with what this man is telling you... which is essentially to follow the preponderance of the evidence to truth....  This answer is lacking in many regards so I will paint an example since I don't have all day.

Aristotle first theorized about the "atom" or a very small building block of matter in the year 400 BC, we did not observe or prove the atoms existence until the 20th century... through a series of advancement by many great thinkers.  There was no evidence for this belief in atomic theory for thousands of years, but it did not change the fact of it's existence.  

This can be said of many examples especially when dealing with quantum mechanics (the field in which I am employed).  Dark Matter, the Theory of Special Relativity... theorized and speculated about based on the signatures of their existence, yet there was no direct observation until the last several years.  I deal with methods and manners every day to try and discover and detect the unseen and unknown.  Where as you believe you are helping the scientific method, people like you with no vision or imagination who simply rely on what they are fed by third parties would do nothing but impede actual truth and knowledge.  You could never get to the first phase of the scientific method.... hypothesis formulation to explain an occurrence.

Frankly put, things exist even without direct observation which is all this gentleman's limited frame of reference and mind seems to indicate.  Nothing is true or exists without direct observation (by his own eyes I presume, despite the fact that I doubt he has ever seen a bullet from Oswalds gun, or was in Dallas that November morning).  Observation is determined by your point of reference which in turn determines the properties of the observation.  You have no point of reference.  You have what other people have told you of the scientific method, not it's actual practice.

Frankly sir, as a Theoretical Physicist (the real scientist you refer to in this angry and spiteful response)is not only offensive, but it shows your complete lack of understanding of the scientific method and hypothesis formulation.  The scant - trace evidence for the Book of Secrets is present even if you have never seen the text.  I however have reasonable skepticism of this book's existence, but I do not categorically rule it out and I certainly don't belittle people for asking a question.  You have unreasonable anger at a question... this is not scientific skeptisim.  Take it from a PhD.... or do I not qualify as the educated and intelligent people you speak of here?

It is a pedantic response that lacks any real credibility or the "logic" you speak of.

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound.  Yes, it does produce the sound wave, but without the observer, does it exist?

This is an existential question that I suppose this gentleman can only see in black and white and knows the definitive answer.  For the record, I do not know if such book exists, but it is highly illogical to presume that only that which is observed directly through observational evidence does exist.

This man knows nothing about things such as Dark Matter, Energy, M-String Theory or how you test for the unknown.  You are too dismissive, this is not scientific skepticism because you ignore the contrary evidence, such as the oral tradition about the book of secrete, certain documented quotes by former President's.  Circumstantial evidence may not be valid in a US court of law, it is valid in observation and hypothesis formulation.  In fact, it is often a necessity.

It is ignorant and dismissive to not explore this evidence realizing that there is generally an element of truth in even the biggest lie.  I am not so arrogant or prideful as this man's answer to assume that only what my feeble mind can grasp and what my eyes can see is all that exists in the universe.  This must be the life this man lives, and I imagine it is sad and lonely.  It is obviously an angry existence.

Mike Jones wrote at 2009-02-02 08:16:35
Your saying that there is no evidence, check the following information and you will find plenty of evidence that show that there was more than 1 shooter, and plenty of evidence to prove there is more to the truth than we have ever heard.

Look up "Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination" in google videos, and you will find this video that will show you much info you must not be aware of

JM27 wrote at 2009-02-04 03:13:55

That is absolutely the best answer to conspirators I have ever read.  I have had many arguements with people regarding these same topics.  After reading your statement, I found that I was argueing pure facts and listening to pure speculation.  But, I couldn't find the wording like you did.  Thanks for enlighting the already enlighted.

j wrote at 2009-03-22 20:58:48
just to say somethin to the guy above. most of your stuff is wrong. history and things like it involve a completely different thought process than medicine and doctors therefore your analogy is completely wrong and does not make any sense. second of all in 1979 the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) found the warren commisions report to be flawed in many ways because it provided no conclusive evidence that lee harvey oswald actually murdered jfk. it was also founded that there had been four shots fired and it turned out that none of them were fired from the same area so i wouldlike to know how oswald fired a gun four times in less than a minute from four different spots. and yes i do believe there is a book of secrets

Josh Smith wrote at 2009-03-28 15:07:20
Wow, you are one hateful person. There are only a few things wrong with your thoughts here. People, generally, spell correctly when they go on a rant, feel free to doublecheck your work to find your errors. You are going on a rant and berating individuals who are simply asking a question; "Does this book exist"? Why get mad because we are curious? There is no need to be rude.

 Oswald did'nt bring his gun to work that day someone would have said something and stopped him or called the police. It was brought in a case. There is just as much evidence stating that he was the only shooter as there is assuming it was a conspiracy. Its all in our heads on what we choose to believe.

 I choose to believe in conspiracy theories because i am an optimist. I dont want there to be a final ending to things. Aliens, lunar landing, assassinations, etc...

 You are using something you like to call a Doctor Analogy??? Whatever that is, butyou are simply saying this..."You have to prove me that this happened before i will believe it.. We are doing the same. Prove it didnt happen, then Ill believe you"

Jennifer wrote at 2009-04-08 20:48:39
It really doesn't matter if the book is real or not. There is no way to tell for sure because the governments policy has always been to lie again and again.

forensicsgirl wrote at 2009-04-15 06:20:09
First off, there are facts that suggest that there was actually a conspiracy, and Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill president Kennedy.  There are multiple files that do not match up, written documents that don't match pictures, pictures of Kennedy's skull that don't match what the gun shot wounds would appear as.  I have done lots of research on this topic and there are multiple multiple "cover-ups".  If you get a chance to look at the pictures that were taken in the morgue of President Kennedy, and then look at the x-rays of the skull, the bullet marks don't line up.  The doctors who took the xrays have even said that the x-rays in the file do not match the ones they took of Kennedy.  I have seen the morgue pictures, and the x-rays and they are distinctly different.  Also the x-rays have a distinct mark on them, that when compared to an x-ray taken of the "practice" skulls (these are skulls that have a metal hinge near the jaw, and are used for practice with taking x-rays) there is a very strong resemblance between what the metal hinge appears as in the x-ray to a small mark on the documented x-ray of JFK

look here:

there is also a part 2, but I can't find it at the moment.

EM wrote at 2009-05-20 04:48:40
First of all, I would like to clarify that I am not taking any position on the "alleged" book of secrets.  I don't really care about it because it is a speculation which can never been proven.  However, I will take a position on your answer to the original question.  First of all, you are comparing apples and oranges.  It seems like you have the notion, as most Americans do, that this country is perfect and flawless.  Let me tell you, you could not be more wrong.  Conspiracy theories are there for people to believe them because they can never be verified.  That's why they are called "theories".  For you to insult the person who originally asked the question is completely surreal.  You present yourself as an intellectual, and yet, you cannot spell or make a decent argument.  By reading your answer, I can easily categorize you with the majority of the people in this country, who are arrogant and narrow minded.  Just because someone says so, does not make it a fact.  I wonder how real the world you live in is.  

As a real scientist, let me enlighten you on some facts about the JFK assassination.  In the late 90s, an independent review panel reopened the JFK assassination case.  With the current technology the investigation was much thorough and conclusive.  Only two observations were released by the panel.  A detailed report will be officially released in 2017.  The first observation is that there were numerous shots varying in their acoustic waves, which means that they did not come from the same source (gun).  The second observation, which is the most important, is the trajectory of the shot that hit JFK.  By mapping the wound, the blood splatter and the body motion, they concluded that the shots that hit the president did not come from the Book Depository.  Wouldn't you agree that something was not right with the evidence?  Does this clear Oswald?  No, it doesn't.  But it does make you think and wonder of other possibilities as well.  Could Oswald be a scapegoat?  Sure, he could be.  So, don't dismiss people when they think out loud.  Learn to be open minded and for your own good, learn something.  You need some education......

gentile72 wrote at 2009-06-21 00:53:56
Although your answer is plausible. I disagree with your main point.

Human beings in general are inquisitive in nature.

Hence, to say that people should accept certain things as facts is completely nonsensical.

Following your logic, the earth would've never been proven to be round, or that the sun is the axis. Innovations were created by man's innability to accept the absolute and his neverending quest for the truth.

Prof. J. Underhill wrote at 2009-07-12 01:20:50
I am well studied in History; and the author of the aforementioned answer would be wise to examine the question for what it is rather than to find an answer. Legends have the power to: mislead, inspire, confuse and entertain (among others), all of which are useful. The power of the Myth of the Presidents Book is derived from its existence not from true or untrue origins.

Anon wrote at 2009-08-06 03:08:30
Surely points 1 and 2 could be cover ups? i mean for 1 thing, if there was a body that has bin shot and no bullet and no weapon was found they would still be looking? yes or no? so what better way than to frame another person for that murder? 2: control the media or manipulate the media? you want to hide something go to the media and tell you know who has done it, a few bits of evidence placed by said government and story covered up its as easy as that.

And also you go on about poorly educated Americans, YOU must have had a little bit of interest in the book otherwise YOU would not have looked at this website in the first place.

BMA651 wrote at 2009-08-07 18:06:56
All this person was doing was asking a simple question. They were not asking for you to insult their intelligence.

Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions, but you have went about expressing your "intelligence" in the complete wrong manner.

I would suggest you take your intelligence and smart, condescending remarks somewhere they are wanted.

Secret BOy96 wrote at 2009-08-23 02:09:36
Well did u ever think that maybe they thought ahead and there were more than one person but this one was the brave  one who put his fingerprints ect on it many people say that jfk was in on his own assasination and i find that dumb but maybe just maybe the assinator had acoomplases on the ground it was a public parade after all so u never know it might have been some sought of revenge plot maybe the russians wanted something for the whole space thing but jfk wouldnt give it to them then bang u dont give so we will take

Erik wrote at 2009-09-22 09:13:54
You need to read up more on the assassination of JFK. You are terribly misguided on this complicated road of tyranny. One major fact was JFK was shot in the right forehead, basically ripping his face right off. That would mean the bullet fired by Lee as you claim would have had to either ricochet off the curb or over head road of stop in mid flight and do an impossible 360 degree turn. Watch the video, over and over again. My 7 year old told me where he thought the bullet came from and it wasn't the school book depository.

seeker wrote at 2009-10-15 13:32:43
for such an educated person you sure think narrow minded there many not be a book of secrets in the sense that the movie portrays it but if you think about all the top secret classified documents that get passed on in the briefing of the new president I'm sure they don't memorize it all there has to be some form of documentation

as for the jfk deal from the angle oswald had from the point of fire there was only a three second window for the shot have you ever tried to shoot a bolt action rifle your not getting three shots off in three seconds connecting all of them to a moving target check an original video and look at the drivers right shoulder

ps you are pregnant

Jane Doe wrote at 2009-11-01 22:59:32
Because of a simple question, you had to produce a ridiculous answer?

Belief is what many people going.. If that's belief in a secret book, or belief in a certain religion.

Maybe it was to make yourself seem smart, but the only thing everyone reading this thinks you are, is an asshole. Relax.

Keena wrote at 2009-11-09 14:37:31
I'm pretty sure that was a child asking the question and didn't need you to debunk an assassination conspiracy theory. Thank GOD for people like you in the world who constantly troll places on the internet to make everyone feel like an idiot, and make themselves feel superior. Get a life, pal.

Jonathan Schmitt wrote at 2009-12-15 13:22:50
Okay buddy, I like your whole text here. But you are wrong on one thing, the JFK assasination. I am not sure if you really did research on it, but government departements are very intelligent, and if they wants something to happen it will indeed happen. There is loads, and I mean LOADS of missing pieces to the whole JFK assasination, so saying that there is not one spec is a clear understatement.

I also find that, the above gentlemans question is more than acceptable. Why not ask if it exists? I was curious, and I am educated. By your logic, we should not be asking questions, which in turn using one of your famous examples :

"Mr Johnson just watched Inglourious Basterds and Hitler was killed in that movie by the Americans. So by not asking questions, Mr Johnson would conclude this to be a fact."

I guess I will finish off by saying that, for an expert, you are very ignorant and not as precise as you should be.

Karen wrote at 2009-12-23 00:27:15
I feel that all Americans can beleive what they want to.  Thats what America is about, correct? The freedom to pick and choose what we beleive in. Maybe the book of secrets does not exist, but its a point of interest,a good conversation of "what if?".  

C wrote at 2010-02-05 16:28:25
Yes, There is a Book, And for Kennedy, He told the mob that when he got elected that he would make sure that the Cops wouldn't mess with them. How do you think he got the money to run in the first place?

sergio wrote at 2010-02-19 18:57:12
so if your so smart as you think you are how can you explain these Kennedy was shot up front Oswald was behid him where the texas book depository stay. real question how com that he had a frontal wounds not back .i realy dont know where did you get that conclusion...

Norm wrote at 2010-02-24 18:13:00
Who said that so called educated people had to be intelligent ?

I don't know if the book exist and I don't think it is important to me, but it made a good story.

JFK assassination... well there is to many inaccuracy in the official report to believe that there was no conspiracy.

nobody wrote at 2010-02-28 22:37:13
To the origional person who answered the very simple question with a very irritated answer:

I'm just gonna see what you post after I write this.

I believe in Area 51 because nobody knows if its real or not and because its been in so many movies.

I'm intrigued to see your retort to that.

fdr wrote at 2010-03-10 01:56:34
you sound like the lady at the end of the transformers movie. "our government doesn't keep secrets"

your rambling about being educated...must mean you have at least a GED. Any truly educated person wouldn't be so close minded as to think there aren't people out there who would purposely mislead the public just because they said they don't mislead the public.

you're probably one that believed GW when he said Iraq had WMDs

doel wrote at 2010-03-16 15:18:07
Well I would like to say. If there was a book of secrets it would be a ... "SECRET". So none of you would know about it to say that it does or does not exist. The answer to this question is simple, do you think that the U.S. Government tells us everthing or do you think they have hidden agendas. I believe the latter, therefore whether you call it a "book of secrets", "tablet of truths" or "diary of the dishonest" I am under the stern belief that our government has untold truths (smile). I mean who would have thought that our own government was behind the smuggling of drugs in the U.S. (and someone tell me why does anyone think they stopped, it is good business)but we found out that to be true from Contra. There are a bunch of ugly truths that they are not telling us. Those truths have to be documented somewhere. I mean we are a nation that was built off of slavery. So....take the good with the bad and make any changes possible.  

James Cichocki wrote at 2010-03-20 14:24:05
The guy who answered believes he's better than the person that asked the question... he thinks he's acquired more intelligence just because he doesn't believe in this without proof... poor guy doesn't realize he has no proof himself. Science itself is a theory... nothing can truly be proved. Things change. Patterns emerge. I was a gifted student but you don't hear me saying people are unintelligent just because they have a question to ask. How about this? Instead of saying the book is complete nonsense just because it's so hidden and there is no physical proof... how about you remain optimistic? How about you don't say "it's real" or "there is no proof" and say "maybe." How about a maybe? Or would you rather keep living life like people are of less importance simply because you don't agree with them. I think the book... some form of it... exists. Are you going to say "there is without a doubt no book because there is no evidence"? I can guarantee you there is some form of document that only a person who becomes president can acquire. Don't act like your above someone else just because they don't have the evidence YOU see necessary. Keep talking through analogies... one day you'll realize you're just being an asshole for using them.

david wrote at 2010-04-24 02:13:42
thats a really interesting point but what is it with education.....just because you are educated does not mean you are may have proof of something but some one, somewhere is going to see it differently and say otherwise....who are we to believe? Dont answer with a dumb answer like oh well you must not be educated or only educated people can understand...cause remember one teaches man...and man is not perfect....whose to say that everything that science has discovered is wrong and they just think its right cause everything seems to fit.....its a never ending cycle

Roy wrote at 2010-04-24 14:19:18
I plan to believe in this until it is proven. You have no evidence, so therefore, I'm a logical thinker.

Leebird wrote at 2010-04-25 16:37:37
Well I think its safe to say this man here is British. So are you saying the same thing for Jesus Christ? "Oh because there is a book that says Jesus was real, I believe it too." The Knights Templar is a real society dating back to The Crusades, if you saw "National Treasure" that is what the movie was based off of. I had the priviledge of interviewing a member and he explained the history of them. Many presidents were members. But since your saying that many americans are poorly educated i wouldn't expect you to know anything about American History. So unless you have a degree that says you can tell people that there wrong, I suggest you back off.

Forever wrote at 2010-05-08 23:12:24
You could be wrong and their could be a book, if you didn't think it was real, you wouldn't spend so much time defending it.  

WOW wrote at 2010-05-28 18:31:29
Well, i must say i'm not the most intelligent person. some of the words in that answer i'll still be looking through the dictionary for when i finish this. through all that intelligence you seem to have though, the wonderful person that asked the question above was not being suggestive in the existance of a book. he simply asked if the possibility existed. almost anything is possible, although most is quite improbable. however, i must say, for the wonderful vocabulary your response displayed, i'm not sure if that collection of words showed an intelligent response to a simple question. i must say there is certainly no need to try to belittle someone you obviously don't know. the world would be so much better if it were filled with people like you(no sarcasm intended, of course).  

chickie wrote at 2010-07-05 22:04:50
Regarding President Kennedy's assisination, I don't suppose any of you personally spoke to an FBI person and was told that a murder that famous,would and could not be carried out without millions of dollars to pay for it. I was personally told that.

eye's open wrote at 2010-07-09 18:04:02
if that is the case about J>F>K then please tell me why the american congress has said in latter years that the chances are that there most likely was a conspiracy behind the shooting and that the best sharp shooters in the world today still can't get the same resault from a similarly poor riffle.Maybe you should open your eyes and realize that the things we are made to believe and the truth is 2 different things.i've never seen a nuclear weapon but I'm pretty sure they exist so your argument about it can't be real because you can't see it is even more backward and uneducated than having a theory that things like this could and possible do exist.maybe I'm wrong but hey I'd rather be found wrong than to be found ignorant to possibility.

lainy50@yahoo wrote at 2010-08-01 21:04:47
Speaking on the JFK shooter,s the object's that rip John F.Kennedy apart in fact if you watch the video's in slow motion frame by frame the bullets' that kill Kennedy came from different direction just watch the film's carefully ok .....

~flo~ wrote at 2010-08-15 03:06:50
so what your saying as an answer is that just because noone knows if its real doesnt mean it is? well let me ask you something. If the government can hide information from the general public, then how do you know that the Book doesnt exist? Its not like they are going to come right out and tell you stuff like that. Thats why they are called GOVERNMENT SECRETS!!! i mean not being rude but your comparision with the doctor theory is anything but accurate. Many people believe that we didnt really land on the moon that it was all a hoax to confuse and trick russia into thinking that United States was the bigger superpower. there is no actual PROOF that we were there. and even if there is, have YOU seen this proof? im guessing not so since you havent seen it what gives you any right to say that we were there? all im saying is that there are, i believe, many government secrets out there that are not told to the public mainly because people in general are crazy hostile and unstable, telling them this kind of information could not only put their lives in danger but the country as well. So before you go and start saying that one person is dumb for thinking that just remember that all theories start out as myths. I bet you cant name one government "conspiricy" that YOU CAN PROVE wrong or inaccurate?

~flo~ wrote at 2010-08-15 03:08:37
And let me also add that you dont need proof for something to be real. There was no proof that there was a "New World" they believed there was and set out to prove it was true. and they did. Theories start out with no proof that is how the truth is found.

strangeguy wrote at 2010-10-27 09:24:44
Who are you and where do you get your facts?  I agree with your point of view but I would like to know where you received your percentages regarding Americans.  I am an American and I do not think like that at all.

InternetHero wrote at 2010-11-30 09:20:02
Wow..All the person said was that there could be a book of secrets, and you..(the responder) obviously took it a little to serious and decided to make your self feel smart by bashing the beliefs of another human being.. You my friend, have too much time on your hands, and take your self way to seriously..You in no way have shown any intelligence towards your self, but instead just showed that you are a closed minded person. I'm not saying I believe there is one or not..(there probably isn't) but its the open minded creative people that make it the furthest. Your logic and way of thinking doesn't impress anyone..Just makes you look like a dick.  And whatever "real world" your living in is probably filled with a bunch of people just like you, so I must believe that I am happy to not be part of it.. Good luck in life and your serious real logical state of mind Internet bully. :)

Noce Te Ipsum wrote at 2010-11-30 23:41:04
I am stunned that this discussion has spanned three years. I can't help but wonder if the original question asker and original answerer have any idea as to the magnitude of the debate they have touched off.

To the question asker - Keep asking questions, it drives educated people crazy that you don't believe them without first checking it out for yourself.

To the answer giver - The Delphi Oracle is reported to have called Socrates the wisest man on earth. Socrates responded by saying, "I only know that I know nothing," thus proving the Oracle correct. My hope is that one day you too will understand this.

My answer - Does it matter? If it exists, i am certain it contains what the outgoing president thought the incoming president ought to know, which by default could be some truly secretive information. If it does not exist, i think it would be a good idea to start one so that presidents have a check against repeating mistakes of the past.

Cody wrote at 2010-12-02 02:36:05
There were lots of people who seen shots fired from the grassy knoll in Dallas that day, and all of the evidence that was found is locked up until 2028 or something because of the warren commission, so of course all of the evidence that is shared with the public is going to point to Lee Harvey Oswald,and no one seen him carrying a rifle to his work, and also explain the Zapruder film that show the head shot, the film doesn't lie. It shows his head get blown backwards, not frontwards which would prove that there had to be another shooter at the Grassy Knoll. And also how do you explain all of the bullet wounds between Governor Connely and JFK, let me guess you believe the magic bullet theory because our government doesn't lie. Sorry to break it to you Mr. Educational but our government is crooked as hell and they are the ones who killed Kennedy so we could go to Vietnam.  

annoyed wrote at 2010-12-02 03:04:24
I completely agree with Noce Te Lpsum. It would make sense for there to be a book. There are some things I don't think the civilians of this great country could handle or comprehend. To say that only uneducated Americans would believe in such book is ridiculous. Most of way we live, treat people, raise children, and base our life style on is based on our beliefs. I am not a religious person but many are. They believe in something that can not be touched or seen. Our country was built on beliefs."Under god" is in our pledge of allegiance. So for you to say the only unread and uneducated Americans could believe that makes you sound unread or uneducated.  

Sincerely Appalled wrote at 2010-12-02 16:26:28
I am astonished that someone would have such a close-minded view. People ask questions and that is how we explore new ideas. The ancients Greeks didn't think electricity existed, but if you do some research you will find that archeologist have found clay posts with copper and other material that have been made into make-shift batteries. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world have asked "what if" and thank God that they did.

The person that answered this question should look into what MILLIONS of people believe. That there is a God and that His son walked on water. Do you have forensic evidence that man can walk on water? So would you discount something that millions of people embrace as their Savior are "uneducated"? I bet you wouldn't infront of your peerage. I also bet that you don't give 10% of the money you generate into the offering pot at church, but i bet you are sitting in a pew singing hems. So, you will sit in a place that you wish to discredit, but you will sit there appearances. Nice hypocrite.

Mr.E wrote at 2010-12-06 01:15:34
You make a point when you say not to believe something without analysis and evidence, BUT you are INSANELY IGNORANT to think that JFK was shot by a single person. Obviously you know nothing of ballistics or forensics AT ALL. an entry wound will ALWAYS be smaller that the exit wound. The back of JFK's head had a huge gaping exit wound, meaning that this shot was made from the from. Not to mention his body motion upon impact, back and to the left, also CLEAR indication of a second shooter firing from the front. For an "educated person" you are about as ignorant as those you bash.. You sir, are an a*shole..  

JD6987 wrote at 2010-12-12 15:30:31
You left out the fact that there are over 50 thousand documented pages of the kennedy assasination investigation, despite the congress and other gocernment officials attempts, have yet to be released to the world.  Seems a bit odd to me.

secondshooter wrote at 2010-12-27 19:13:40
to add to the "evidence" for oswald.

Fact: LHO was proven to be behind the president when the shot was fired.

Fact: in the video the presidents head snaps backwards as the shot is fired

Fact: the the presidents brain has been "lost"

a+b+c leads me to conclude that the is a second shooter but the goverment dosent know or knows enough to keep it silent.

the_phoenix_777 wrote at 2011-01-23 20:38:41
If intelligent people base all thier therioes on on factual evidence then why is there so much belief throughout the world of godly presence. If you conduct testing that proves that you have not got cancer or pregnecy then you have provided factual evidence.

Yet there is no factual eveidence to prove or disprove godly presence which is why there is so much belief in divine power, this states that even intelligent people have belief in that they can't prove, which is why it is feasible to believe in such things as a book of secrets as there is no factual evidence to prove or disprove its existence.

So ask your self an intelligent question. Do you believe in exterristrial life?

Happy wrote at 2011-01-29 02:34:34
Don't listen to the grumbling of this "unique individual".  The excitement is behind the what-if's in life.  This person who wrote the first answer seems intelligent but chances are it's just "evidence" of the contrary.  The whole point of thinking outside the box and giving alternate scenario's and ideas and imagination is what the world is founded and fueled by and what we as humans thrive on. There could very well be a Presidential book of secrets and I hope that it is real.  Perhaps one day it will make it's way into the public eye can only imagine:)

Luke wrote at 2011-02-03 21:39:26
ok so the person above me was very critical, if you read what the first person had said, it was basically saying that the only way you will know whether it actually exists or not is if you are the president, hes not saying it DOES or that it DOESN'T, hes saying its impossible to know.

i also quote you..

"We should ONLY believe things that there is forensic proof of.  POSITIVE in FAVOR of something, NOT a lack of evidence disproving it."

so are you saying that people shouldn't believe in religion, I'd say that we don't know whether god does or doesn't exist.

people still believe in God, from homeless people to the most intelligent people in the world, so are you saying that they are all wrong~? and if so then it would put them into the same boat as the people you are saying are wrong in believing something that there isn't solid evidence of gods existence.

i also go to your piece about JFK

"2.  If the GOVERNMENT had Kennedy murdered then THEY could control ALL evidence and what was leaked to the police and the media."

yes they have the power to control what is leaked to police and the media and how do you know that what was leaked was what they wanted the people to hear and see. I'm not saying that lee Harvey oswald was alone, or that there were others, or even that lee Harvey oswald was framed. But I'm saying that the 'official' side of the story isn't always the truth and likewise the 'unofficial' or conspiracy will not always be correct.

personally i think you are being quite ignorant to believe everything you are being told, fair enough you should take in the evidence for and evidence against but if there are a fair amount of evidence for both sides of a story, you have a right to assume what you believe is right, but you can't say what you think is the absolute truth.

ill next quote the doctor analogy

"Again, the doctor analogy.

["Mrs. Jackson I have run several pregnancy tests on you.  Your blood test came back negative, your urine test came back negative, and you have not skipped a period.  Based on all of this negative evidence, I therefore must conclude that you ARE pregnant."]"

yes if this was the case then its 100% not pregnant, it would suggest that to assume she was pregnant when EVERYTHING points to not being pregnant is totally wrong. True.

but what your failing to see is that there is evidence for against why eg JFK's assassination, had more than 1 assassin, or for involvement of the government, or for the suspicious reasons why lee Harvey oswald was killed before he was about to confess something at trial?

you can say the same about the Apollo landings, there is a lot of evidence to say that the US did land on the moon and i believe that they probably , however there is also a fair amount of evidence which can lead someone to assume that they were faked, i.e. - photographs, reasons for going, cold war tensions, the reason for not returning recently when they managed to do it in 1969 and yet with technology so much more advanced they haven't attempted and it was scraped. so we can't say from using both evidence which was the truth, and we will probably never know until we actually arrive/colonize another planet.

so all in all what I'm trying to say is that, fair enough if all evidence points to 1 answer and there no/little contradictory evidence then for sure its right to say that it is the truth. But to say that something is the truth when there is a fairly strong argument to contradict it, is not how to find out which answer is fact and which is false.

so to relate back to the origin for this page.

I agree, if there was a presidents book that existed we wouldn't know, and it wouldn't be released to the general public, so the only person who knows the truth is the president. If he was to say no, people can say well of course he wont admit it. If he says yes, people would. but you'd only truly know if you are the president. its just one question that probably will never be answered.

truth wrote at 2011-02-21 22:07:02
You must really love to hear yourself talk or see your "opinion" in print.  But by your logic- "ALL" religions are wrong!!!  'I'm going to believe this until you prove me wrong.'  "Thank goodness real scholars, real doctors, and real scientists don't embrace YOUR  illogical thought processes."  I feel this way towards you!  Intelligence is dangerous in a 'egotist's mind.

jeff wrote at 2011-04-06 15:41:52

it cn b other way around.i believe there is abook like that, n if smebody "PROVES" me it dsnt exist thn i cld say it does not!! else i will keep faith is enuf fr me to believe nythn! i dnt require scientific proofs!!


bb123 wrote at 2011-05-26 23:26:01
you are an idiot how could u compare cancer to something like a secret book...have you personally researched it? NO. so how do you know of any evidence found regarding the book or jfk? you say educated people well i have an iq of 117 and i am very educated thank you very dont think your better then anyone else because of what you believe or in the real world most things in this world are fake you just dont notice them because youve been trained 3o ignore them or disbelieve think your neighbor likes you and everythings perfect until you find out their SECRET someone was jeffery dahmers neighbor and didnt suspect a thing....

papashape wrote at 2011-11-26 03:50:30
See, what you don't understand is just because you have an expensive education it doesn't mean that you are smart.  

Actually pretty dumb for paying allot of money for something that you could read in a book for free.  Ha.  Behind each conspiracy there is some sort of truth to it.  Yes maybe only one person shot Kennedy that day but many of other's could have been behind the planning.  The govt controlled what information got out.  You have no idea of what evidence they found or didn't find.  So don't sit there and look down your nose at those of us who take the time to ask questions.  

Michael wrote at 2012-03-24 11:34:05
Wow. He asked a simple question, a simple answered would have sufficed. Rather, you become and arrogant prick in the fraction of the time it takes most human beings.

Good luck living in the "real world", as if you truly could even begin to grasp what that consists of.

jacob andrew wrote at 2012-10-31 00:39:12
your conclusion is ignorant mate because if theres no evidence it does not mean thats there is no such thing because if theres no evidence of a well known something the evidence is there there just not letting you know. The oswald case has proof of two different shooters aswell if you had any logic what so ever you would understand that a bullet cant change direction and re hit a target the president was hit from two different angles now with what your saying about its obviosly was him he must of had wings or something to complete such actions so instead of tryin to shut everyone down because your the man why dont you look at the circumstances and make a logical discension like the EDUCATED 70 percent of americans who dont believe it was oswald because of obvious reasons and its the 30 percent of people who beleive that he did it that are un educated because every one else knows not to believe everything they tell you when theres obvious flaws in there evidence. Let me know when youy have grown up and stopped living a lie. Meanwhile ill be living in the REAL WORLD!!!!

ohh and because theres no evidence of the presidents book of secretes its because its a secrete and you dont go giving your population evidence of such an item. Every president has had hes secretes and they would have to put them somwhere for the next so there secretes dont come undone its sort of LOGIC.

dman wrote at 2013-01-17 01:22:59
lee harvey oswald didnt kill him it was a man with his prints and face but he did kill the cop and planned the assassination

Shawn wrote at 2013-03-30 06:09:57
What a jerk.  I dont have any belief or disbelief in a book of secrets, but it wouldnt offend me if others did. Making a medical analogy about something that is non medical is outrageously unintelligent. There are no secrets in the medical field, there are many in governments.  

It amazes me that knuckleheads like this guy get on here attack someone for simply expressing their beliefs.  Its like the guy totally attacked this other guys belief system for simply expressing himself.  

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