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QUESTION: Hi Jeffrey,

Just wanted to know why did US welcome China's growing role in Afghanistan. Does it indicate the weakness of US in international arena?


Perhaps.  Afghanistan, as you are well aware, is in China's backyard and is actually bordered by them through the Wakhan Corridor.  China wants to invest economically in Afghanistan and also wants to quell any uprising from the Muslim Uighurs who reside in China's Xinjiang Province.  China has as much to gain or lose and the U.S. does in enforcing and not enforcing terrorist oversight in that region.  


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QUESTION: Thanks Jeffrey. But my point is: aren't China and the US rivals? If yes, then
why does the US allow such a powerful rival to influence a country
wherein American blood has been shed?


China and the U.S. are military rivals but also economic partners.  It is hard to understand but the economies of both have become mutually dependent upon one another.  Therefore it has evolved into a relationship of mutually exclusive love and hate.  China's influence in Afghanistan does not necessarily herald a defeat for the U.S. in that region.  Historically Afghanistan has never been never been completely conquered or colonized by any nation.  That is the paradox of the region considering that it has been the most invaded in history.  It is truly a shame that American blood was shed in Afghanistan.  However the U.S. is not leaving Afghanistan completely as of yet.  There are still strategic initiatives that are being acted upon.  China's influence will certainly help to stabilize the eastern part of the region where Chinese Muslims have been crossing over to help Al Qaeda for years.  China will help the U.S. in that capacity.  As to China exerting undue influence over Afghanistan at U.S. expense?  It will take years to see if that manifests.  Again, China has its hands full dealing with their own western provinces, primarily Xinjiang.  

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